Reiki and Toning Your Tummy

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Reiki and Toning Your Tummy

Q… After 4 children my stomach muscles separated and I have been using Reiki for weeks to try and get them back together (not much time for exercise!)

Thus far nothing seems to have happened – what hand positions do I need to use and how quick should I feel results? Thank you.

And my answer…

A… Well, I think Reiki ‘exercises’ are a bit too ethereal to tone your tummy… ha ha ha!

But if you have the time to stop and do Reiki on your tummy muscles then you have the time to do some proper muscle toning exercises!

If you want the quickest results for a flat and toned tummy then I’m afraid exercise is the only way. Use it or lose as they say 🙂

BUT… you could use your Reiki to promote a more positive attitude towards taking time out just for you.

Four children is a lot of ‘Mothering’ to do… ha ha ha!

A calm and relaxed Mum, has calm and relaxed children and is more able to cope with the everyday joys of motherhood.

But just before going to sleep at night, place one hand on your chest and one on your lower abdomen. Then call upon the Reiki energy purely for you 🙂

As you drift off to sleep, see your tummy muscles being pulled tight between your two hands, like a skein of wool.

But, unfortunately, exercise is best for toning muscles 🙂

And another one…

As I read the materials on Reiki, I feel that I need to have a hands on attunement. But, I have been through a 21 day cleansing, during which I experienced the flu and other cleansing things.

My right hand gets very hot in the center of the palm when I lay hands on others. Sometimes it gets hot if I just think about laying on hands.

If I never have hands laid on me, will I be able to become a powerful Reiki healer? It is all so confusing to me.

And my answer is…

But you have had hands laid on you!!!

Yours 🙂

Everyday be your own client. Do the 12 hand positions on yourself, in a daily self ‘treat’ment.

Practice, practice, practice… using your own very best patient… which, of course, is YOU.

The more you practice on yourself, the better you will become at sensing and observing energy, first hand.

Then sensing energy changes in others becomes much easier to do, because they reflect you, and you have practiced so much on yourself, that you can see YOU in the other person.

You can sense their energy reflected perfectly in your own mind and body.

Then Bingo! You seem amazingly good at healing to them 🙂

But if you still want someone else to hold you then how about joining a Reiki share group in your local area. If there isn’t one then perhaps you could start one yourself.

Just a thought…

Judith 🙂

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