Reiki and Trust

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Reiki and Trust

Okay, so most of you will know by now that I am not at all computery.

Yes, we do our very best to be up to date with all the latest do-dads, to make your experience of taking an online Reiki course as smooth and easy as possible.

But it is all a very steep learning curve for us too πŸ™‚

Reiki is the easy part… ha ha ha!

So, it surprises me that people who have been reading my weekly, Sunday Reiki chat for years, suddenly decide to buy something, and then because of a temporary glitch in our ‘automatic’ computer software, they think we must be cheating them and running off with their money!

It doesn’t seem to matter we’ve been online 9 years…

…so where they think we are running off to, I simply don’t know… ha ha ha!

But it’s all to do with TRUST. Not trusting me or anyone else, but TRUSTING yourself πŸ™‚

TRUST that choosing to do our online Reiki course is right for you.

Or TRUST that it is not.

You see I’m not interested in persuading people to buy, or that we are honest Johns, or that we have the best online Reiki course by far… which we do have of course… ha ha ha!

I just know that you know – and in that knowingness I honour your knowingness too… πŸ™‚

So, TRUST your decisions, whatever they may be and in whatever situation your find yourself in.

Then stand by them and own them.

The more you do that, the stronger and more powerful a person you will become.

And of course, while you are making decisions, bless them with Reiki or send Reiki to them in the future and then also use your Reiki to hold you steadfast and true to them πŸ™‚

But please do be patient if some things take a moment or two to sort out – both in working with us and everything else in your life too πŸ™‚

Champion… now on to a question…

Q…Good Day to you all,

I was giving myself a Reiki treatment yesterday when I experienced something really strange. Can you tell me what on earth, or in heaven, πŸ™‚ happened to me?

I was treating myself yesterday morning and I was deeply meditative – or away with the fairies πŸ™‚ while I was doing this treatment.

I was about 3 to 4 minutes in, on my heart chakra, when I both heard and felt my fingers on my left hand get caught, as if in a metal spring. The sensation in my left hand was so strong in made me jump and I could hear the twang of the spring as clearly as the cry of the seagulls outside my bedroom window.

Do you know what happened to me? Have you ever heard of the like before?

And my answer…

That’s a new one on me I’m afraid… ha ha ha!

But all I can say is TRUST yourself.

What does it mean for you? What does it bring up for you when you think about it now?

What meaning do springs and caught fingers mean for you?

Fingers in general, often represent worrying about the β€˜fine details’ of life…

So, if anything like that happens to you again – just sit quietly and ‘watch your feelings’ as the sensations come and go.

In your silence, you will get more clarity about it.

And also remember this, things don’t always have to have any ‘special’ meanings for you at all – perhaps you sharing this with me, and me sharing your question on this Sunday Chat, has meaning for someone else who’s reading this now.

Who knows – and then…

Sometimes, something just is what it is πŸ™‚

Until next week…

Judith πŸ™‚

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