Reiki and Wearing Jewellery

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Reiki and Wearing Jewellery

I’ve been told that the Reiki practitioner and one receiving Reiki should have no metal on them, jewellery etc., as it interferes with the Reiki flow.

Is this so?

And my answer:

A… No. Well not for me anyway… ha ha ha!

I was taught a similar thing but it never sat right with me. It doesn’t sit right with you either or you would not be questioning it.

It’s a bit like Henry Ford would say – ‘If you think it does, it does, if you think it doesn’t, it doesn’t’.

I wear watches, bangles and rings (usually all three together!) when using my Reiki and have never had a ‘flow’ problem. In fact, I love the tinkle of my bangles when I move my hands about. 🙂

In fact, I might go as far as to say that precious metals might enhance your Reiki.

In fact, I never give, or gave it, much of a thought before!

But now you’ve mentioned it – let’s just consider a couple of things…

When I use Reiki to bless my food as I cook it in a saucepan, does that null and void the Reiki blessing? When I Reiki bless a watering can of water for my flowers, does that metal null and void the Reiki blessing?

Do you really think Reiki (aka the universal life force energy, remember) can have its flow nullified by anything at all?

I think not 🙂

Therefore for me, all is well in my world and my Reiki flows just like water into every nook and cranny.

But Oh no! Now what are YOU to think!?

Well, I would suggest you DON’T take my opinion, or anyone else’s either for that matter, as gospel…

…but simply use YOUR Reiki, with metal and then without metal, and see what happens for YOU.

Because, as always, the only opinion that should ever count to you, is yours! 🙂


Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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