Reiki, Are You Strong Enough?

Reiki, Are you strong enough?

Are you strong enough to do what it takes to climb your mountain?

Are you strong enough to go it alone, even when others are mocking you or down crying your abilities?

Are you strong enough to help others in distress?

Because when you set out to climb your mountain – no matter what you perceive your mountain to be – the energy needed will be immense.

And what I mean as far as your Reiki is concerned – is it’s no good being a half committed Reiki Master…

…because that will only make you tired and ill yourself.

Which means…

‘Do or do not, there is no try’ – as Yoda says 🙂

YOU have to be strong – in heart and mind- to bear the woes and responsibilities of others, when they come to you – even if it’s just for a brief moment.

Because people with problems will dump them in your lap and expect, nay demand, that you sort everything out.

But, in order to help others, you first have to help yourself to be strong.

So best get in training then 🙂

And develop your SENSE-ABILITIES!

Then when you ‘switch on and tune in’ to others, you’ll be better prepared to handle any sensory overload as your energies blend together!

You see, the very nature of Reiki energy is to harmonise…

…so just like a power station that prepares for 6 million people all putting the kettle on in the TV adverts, you must be ready to withstand the surges too.

That is why using Reiki on yourself – for yourself – first and foremost, is so very important.

No amount of angel feathers will help if your senses feel like you’ve been hit by a truck… ha ha ha!

So… are YOU strong enough?

Or are you just playing at being a Reiki Master?

The world needs strong, powerful, confident Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters… earthy, grounded and SENSE-ABLE… ha ha ha!

Join in only if that sounds like YOU 🙂

Chuffin’ and puffin’ grand 🙂

Judith 🙂

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