Reiki Away With The Fairies And Angels


Good morning all!

Now, forgive me for asking, but just who do you think you’re talking to?

You see, every day I hear about Reiki angels and fairies, spirit guides, higher selves, tree elves, nature sprites and God by every name!

But who is it you really think you’re talking to?

Exactly who are these ‘vibrational elements’… from crystal sounds to Ascended Masters?

Well, as you all know, I like to keep things simple.

And being both a busy person and a lazy one by nature, I like to have my answers quick – in a flash 🙂

And, as I trust myself implicitly…

I trust I know what’s best and right for me.

Be that a huge piece of comforting chocolate cake or a major decision about my life path.

But sometimes we all need some positive feedback.

We need to ‘air and share’ our thoughts.

In doing so we can ‘feel’ more accurately whether they’re comfortable for us!

Do they fit right, sit right, with us?

When I do psychic readings for people I simply say ‘I’m the mirror answering you back’ 🙂

So again I’ll ask – who do you really think you’re talking to?

If I need clarification on something in my life then invariably I want it asap.

Now I could spend time conjuring up angel someone or other to talk to…

Or perhaps a few ‘little people’… (’tis the Irish in me!)

Or I could recognise the Divine answer in all that surrounds me, as me replying to my own question.

For there is only one energy!

Therefore I am you and you are me.

If I have a question, you have the answer, or vice versa 🙂

But who did you think you were talking to?

No, I’m not disputing that these ‘other expressions’ of you, are real, indeed very real.

I’m merely suggesting that the answers you seek are right there within… YOU.

For the outer you reflects the inner YOU.

And your life is the manifestation of all your beliefs.

Therefore, everything in your life is ‘symbolic’ of something.

So, may I suggest that you come to realize you already are:

An angel on earth right now…

A guiding spirit to many already…

A nature spirit because you are of the earth…

Indeed, you already are God, Goddess, All That Is – whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

You’re Infinite Consciousness simply having fun, here in the physical world 🙂

So, I thank you all for being my ‘mirror on the wall’ 🙂

But you needn’t dress in feathers, or float on clouds for me!

I love you just the way you are… unique 🙂

Now, who do you think wrote this message to you?

Have a personally POWERFUL Reiki weekend! 🙂

Judith 🙂


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