Reiki Buddho Meditation?

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Reiki Buddho Meditation

Q…Thank you Judith and Chris!

I already had Reiki II and you have provided the rest.

You really hit the nail on the head by asking “Who initiated Dr. Usui?” I gather he used the ‘Buddho Meditation’. I would have to do a lot more training to get access to that. Unless your meditation has the same effect?

And my answer…

A… Our ‘Strengthening Your Connection To Reiki’ meditation will take you and hold you in a deep meditation using all the modern techniques 🙂

It’s 30 minutes long (approx) and the brainwave frequency is set at High Theta: 7.5 Hz (7.5 Cycles per second)

7.5 Hz is for:
Inter-awareness of self and purpose.
Guided meditation.
Creative thought for art, invention, music, etc.
And contact with your spirit guides for direction.

That is what the Strengthening Your Connection to Reiki meditation is designed to do. Nowadays you don’t have to spend years practicing meditation in a drafty cave to reach a specific level.

You just pop on your headphones and chill… ha ha ha! 🙂

Each person will have a different experience but I personally use a modern meditation every morning before getting out of bed.

It’s perfick for busy people or if you want a nice lie in, well it is Sunday morning after all… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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