Reiki, Can it Come and Go

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Q… I have some Reiki ability but it is very superficial – Reiki, Can it Come and Go.

And my answer…

A… It may sound trite but all you need to do is trust yourself.

Don’t try to do Reiki or give Reiki or conjure up Reiki, for YOU are your Reiki energy!

The symbols and hand positions are just there as a tool and guide to get you going.

All you have to do is blend your energy with another person or event or blend into yourself when doing Reiki on yourself…

It’s kind of like melting into the energy.

More a being than a doing 🙂

Which is why it’s essential to practice daily on yourself – to begin feeling and sensing your own energy really well.

For the more you ‘know’ yourself – the more easily your total energy will appear to flow, then overflow… so you can then share your Reiki energy with confidence 🙂

Another question…

Q… How can healing be directed if you do not know precisely where and what the problem is?

And my answer…

A… Well, it’s because you’re not fixing a problem – you are simply sharing energy so that nature will rebalance the persons own body energy, bringing natural health and relaxation.

It’s like jump starting a car…

The persons own body will respond to the extra energy in a way which is perfect for them.

And of course… the person will accept, or not, the Reiki energy and do with it as they wish – not as we wish.

Illness is never simply a case of cancer or spots or broken bones or hair loss, etc. It’s merely the outer symptoms of a deeper emotional imbalance.

We do not need to fix the cancer or try to thicken someone’s hair, we simply rebalance the body’s energy and it will create a chain reaction that works its way back to the root cause of the illness.

And when the root cause is addressed by the person, the illness will disappear… apparently by magic!

That’s why it’s good for you to remain steadfast and true, centred and balanced yourself, when dealing with others.

You become their rock or port in a storm.

But we never heal anyone; they can only do that for themselves.

We are simply catalysts, support workers and energy suppliers 🙂

Judith 🙂

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