Reiki Can It Really Remove Depression?

Reiki Can It Really Remove Depression?

Reiki is probably the quickest, easiest and most beautiful ways of removing depression.

You can get really stuck in the negative energy.

But don’t worry for help is at hand… literally.

For those of you who know about Reiki energy, simply draw/imagine the Tibetan Master Symbol on the ends of your Fire fingers.

Now, gently lean forward and rest the tips of your Fire Fingers to your temples…

…just as if you were going to shoot yourself in either side of your head! 🙂

Which in effect is exactly what you are going to do, but you’re not going to use bullets, you’re going to use Reiki.

So, just imagine gentle bolts of Reiki shooting from finger to finger through your forehead.

And let this energy run for as long as feels comfortable.

Doing this is a very powerful way of dislodging your negativity so we then need to soften and bring back balance to your thought processes.

This can be done quite simply by sitting quietly and with your hands gently resting over your solar plexus, use the Raku Symbol whilst imagining these soothing Reiki ripples entering your body and flowing up and down your spine.

You will find this very to be very comforting and grounding.

Okay then, here’s some non-Reiki ways.

The minor octaves of depression, such as feeling gloomy, sad or down-in-the-dumps can respond very well to…

Laughing – yes, laughing.

It’s amazing how when you are feeling down, just laughing about something can release the stress, and help you feel lots better.

Yes, we know finding something to laugh about, when you’re in the depths of doom and gloom, isn’t easy, but watching a DVD which you normally find hilarious can help…

…or find someone who’s always a good laugh to be with, and keep them close.

Another great way to overcoming the blues, as long as it’s not the blues you’re listening to of course, is music…

… the rousing theme tune from a good movie can be very energizing and uplifting.

Also try being physical.

Some heavy work such as moving furniture, digging over your garden or rock breaking etc can work wonders – just getting up and moving your body is the key.

Doing productive activities will always perk you up too.

Think positively about your life and the things you already have and try not to dwell on problems. Take your dog for a walk and relish in the animal’s unending enjoyment at seeing and being with you…

…for, sometimes, simple undemanding love is all we need.

Oh yes, as a quick dietary tip – try eating less bread or giving it up altogether, as wheat can act as a depressant.

Of course, all the suggestions given above may not apply to everyone. But give them a try and who knows…

Maybe they can help just a little.

We all have more important things to do in life than feel blue and depressed. Keep this thought in-mind and may your life be filled with joy.

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