Reiki? Childs Play!



Good morning all,

I’m often asked about giving Chikara-Reiki-Do to children or if you can safely attune them.

Don’t be daft – of course you can!

And the more you connect with children, the more they’ll teach you about energy, insight, intuition, trust and yourself!

Children are simply little people and often far more connected to The One Energy than us biggies!

They still have a direct link, they’re literally plugged into it.

You try keeping up with a toddler all day…

They’ll run you ragged!

And why, when going into a restaurant, all it seems the children can get are fish fingers, burgers or sausages!

As if they can’t eat normal food…

Whatever happened to just a half the adult portion of normal food?

They have teeth and taste buds too 🙂

There’s nothing to do differently for children when you apply Chikara-Reiki-Do.

Apart from catch them, that is… ha ha ha!

So, with children and animals…

Use your intelligence and intuition and simply adapt your strategy

For example – wait for a child to fall asleep and then sit quietly and hold their feet.

Babies especially love that 🙂

Or just beam some Reiki across the garden or bedroom…

…it’ll help you to connect more deeply with your children too.

You see, Chikara-Reiki-Do is often referred to as loving energy…

And loving your child is essential for a good relationship and happy, healthy offspring.

No, we may not always like what they’re doing but we still love ’em nonetheless.

And children of any age need rules, boundaries and discipline.

Contrary to popular belief in today’s free for all society.

It makes them feel safe and cared for.

As a parent you’re the leader.

As a leader you set the ground rules.

Then they all know where they stand.

At different stages of childhood, they’ll naturally push against the boundaries and start to ‘cross the lines drawn’.

And this is healthy behaviour not bad… it’s natural.

As they begin to push, you begin to stretch the boundaries to encompass and accommodate to their new-found individuality.

But now you come into the grey areas

If you find yourself in conflict and getting angry – then that’s simply because they won’t do what YOU want.

This can be seen in the terrible two’s stage and also in teenagers. 🙂

But in all cases of conflict, you need to be sure of yourself.

A daily Chikara-Reiki-Do session on yourself helps enormously to keep you balanced.

YOU need to be calm and assertive not bullying or domineering.

When you’ve set a good example to your children by remaining calm, courteous and respectful, then they’ll feel they can follow that example.

A leader doesn’t have to point out every little detail.

Nor a parent to a child.

By remaining calm and respectful, you leave a big door open to enable them to communicate.

Then listen…

Listen and remember 🙂

Can you hear YOUR Mum and Dad? Is it all so different now from when you were young?

Externally yes – but internally NO.

How can Chikara-Reiki-Do help you to understand your children better… simply by bringing you home to yourself.

When you do a Chikara-Reiki-Do session, each day on yourself, you drop into that quiet still centre – that place of harmony and balance.

This is like a foundation stone of calm strength.

People young and old will bring their own pebbles of trouble to you, so they can build upon your inner strength.

To understand your children, you need to understand yourself first.

Your own fears, for their safety, their health, their future…

But your fears can be dissolved and turned into TRUST, by using Chilara-Reiki-Do.

Chikara-Reiki-Do will strengthen your trust and your judgement.

You’ll intuitively know when and where to set the boundaries for both of you, to be happy.

Whoever thought their children would turn out to be so amazing, so brilliant, so beautiful?

You’re here to support, love and guide them, until they can fly on their own.

Chikara-Reiki-Do can calm and melt your fears at all their ‘stages’ and also help to heal their bumps and bruises too.

The outer world reflects your inner feelings like a mirror…

…and none more so than with our children.

They’ll excavate your deepest fears and sorrows and shoot them to the surface like a cannon.

Using Chikara-Reiki-Do on yourself will heal those wounds and fears.

Again, this’ll shift your relationship with everyone, not just your children.

The more you release and let go of your own ‘stuff’, the more loving and caring and close your relationship with your children will be.

Or failing that – you could try and hex them with it… ha ha ha! (Just joking here – you cannot really do that)

Just remember – as a Mum or Dad, you intuitively KNOW what to do.

Perfick! Common sense really…

Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂



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