Reiki Contradiction

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Reiki Contradiction

Dear Judith,

I have read your 7 part mini course… thank you.

Began practising on the root chakra but a bit confused about symbols etc, so read all of the 7 parts and then some of your articles.

Thank you again, you make sense!

…Except, you speak of self attuning and then suddenly speak of “doing it all for us” “switching it on” etc.

Isn’t this a contradiction with what you have been saying?

With warm wishes for your endeavour and blessings on your generosity.


And my answer…

Hi C

Life itself is a contradiction, a dichotomy, a conundrum but…

When I do the Usui distant attunement, I am simply adding my intention to the intention you put out yourself, when performing your own self attunement.

You open yourself up to, and fully acknowledge and accept, the existence of your own Reiki energy within you – and I enhance your intention with mine.

I help flick that internal switch within you as well, but you don’t really need me to do this.

Call it “Belt and Braces” if you like 🙂 Or an added bonus… 🙂


And the second short question…

Hi there,

I’m so happy I found your course online! I’ve long wanted to become a Reiki master.

Do you know of a way that I could have a hands-on (not distance) Reiki practice AND travel the world?

I am having a deep desire to do healings AND be a nomad, there must be a way for those two to mix synergistically.

I have no savings to go on, just faith 🙂

Thank you so much for your help.

Warm regards, N

Hi N

A brilliant question…

It is so important to follow your dreams and simply to be in harmony with your own nature.

I don’t know your country or what might be feasible but for me, I would buy a RV/campervan and travel around doing the fairs.

You know, the alternative health shows, psychic fairs, gatherings, rock festivals etc.

All you would need is a sign board and a portable couch… and you’re sorted 🙂

I’m sure you would meet a whole host of other interesting characters on your journeys too.

There is a magazine in England which lists all the fairs and festivals for the coming year and at each one you will undoubtedly hear of more.

This might be the best way to combine your wishes. 🙂


Having Reiki in your life can be like having a flexible friend…

At times of stress it can relax you.

Can’t sleep..? It can give you peaceful dreams.

Feeling poorly..? It can heal your underlying emotional upset.

Need a job..? It can clear your vision and allow in new ideas.

Whatever the problem Reiki can help YOU to deal with it.

It will not fix the ‘problem’ it will fix you, which is where the problem first arose!

So if you appear to be experiencing a problem of any sort… consider fixing the source…YOU :-)…with your own unique expression of Reiki.

Now that is a handy skill to have to hand, literally… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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