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The question… Reiki Drain

Q… Many years ago I went to a lady who I can only assume was a Reiki Master based on what she did. I was told to go see her due to her unique abilities.

She had me lie down on her table.

She passed her hands over me and unmistakeably I felt what I could only describe as a pulling effect as if her hands were magnets and I was metal.

It was extraordinary and definitely unforgettable.

I do not know where she is so I cannot ask her for greater explanation. Maybe you can share your thoughts on this.

I have practiced hypnotherapy for more than 17 years now. During school, we practiced hypnotizing each other (other students and myself).

During one of the first experiences, the person I hypnotized expressed that “it took everything I had to keep from being pulled in”.

She obviously felt what I had experienced years before. It frightened her so much she quit and we never saw her again.

That was obviously related to energy in both cases. I would like to be able to access that which I did unknowingly at the time. What is your opinion, please? Have you heard of this?

Thank you for any input.

And my answer…

A… Nature abhors a vacuum or imbalance and tries to find the middle level.

It’s the same with your general energies too.

But it feels to me that it’s you who appears depleted in some way and that it is you that ‘pulled’ or leached another’s energy to balance yourself.

You felt the healing lady give it freely because she had high energy levels and had plenty to spare. But the other lady simply felt you pull from her and it can feel draining if you have no extra energy to give.

A bit like the mother of a toddler feels when she’s eventually got them off to bed… ha ha ha!

I would definitely suggest you balance yourself first, by using a Reiki session on yourself for yourself, each day for as long as is convenient for you.

Then when you touch or share energy with another, you are overflowing and not using your emergency backup battery 🙂

So…For the next 30 days quietly run the Reiki energy through the 12 hand positions each morning, as shown in your Reiki Package.

Then when you look back you will see a definite change in your personal energy.

You will feel more calm and serene and your life will be flowing more elegantly.

The way you approach life and handle situations will be so much easier.

You will be naturally replenishing your energy.

And the more you practice on yourself – you are your own best customer remember 🙂 – the more you will come to understand others.

For we are one and the same.

Bloomin’ marvellous 🙂

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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