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Reiki Entities

Q… Greetings Judith!

I’ve got a 2 parter for you.

First off, I was working with another Reiki practitioner on a co-worker, and I had noticed that as I worked on her calf, that the issue she had, reflected to my corresponding calf. Usually, I just feel Reiki connect stronger into a person’s issue. That’s the first time that’s happened in 12 years.

Secondly, I was just told this past week, that as we work on an individual and shake off any lingering energy, that energy remains in there in that spot as an entity. Wow. Another Reiki master told me this. She explained that if the room isn’t cleared, smudged and cleansed, it will remain. Hmmm… I don’t recall ever learning this in my trainings.

And my answer…

A… Sensing and reflecting another person’s problems in your own body happens to me ALL the time and if you ‘take notice’ it may always happen like this for you too.

It’s called being clairsentient and you can feel spirit this way too.

Sometimes it’s the merest hint of a headache or slight tension in a muscle somewhere on me, which gives me the clue as to what is going on in the client.

My own attitude and feelings will also reflect the client ‘at that moment in time’.

This is exactly what I mean by listening to the whispers of your body as it talks to you.

TRUST those sensations – whether about someone else, or about you or a situation or event.

Perfect… well done 🙂

A… As for drawing weird entities into your room well, I wouldn’t give that any credence at all – for remember, you create your own reality, which means every part of it…

So, if someone else has decided to have ‘entities’ in their own reality – well that’s up to them – but just know it doesn’t have to be the same for you.

I’d suggest not getting drawn into such ‘fear’ based nonsense!

As ever, it’s YOUR intention which is key. By smudging and cleansing you are simply performing a ritual to reinforce your intention.

All your senses become activated by the smell, sight, action etc, of performing the ritual…

…and I wrote this article on our site a while ago which may help…

I hope this reassures you.

Okay, time for one more very quick one…

Q… Dear Judith:

What is meant by attunement and self-attunement?

And my answer…

The word, ‘attune’ means … “to bring or adjust a person or a thing to a situation.”

So, in the case of Reiki…

It’s an adjustment you can perform on yourself for yourself – called a self-attunement to the energy of Reiki…

Or you can have the same adjustment performed on you by a Reiki Master – called an attunement to Reiki.

Either way it’s simply an acknowledgment of, and adjustment to, Reiki or the One energy within you.

OK, that’s enough for today. I’m off to roast a side of beef for the two special men in my life. 🙂

Gentlemen, I applaud you and have a chuffin’ grand day! You all deserve it. 🙂

Judith 🙂

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