Reiki For Knee Problems

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Reiki For Knee Problems

Q…I’ve torn two of my ligaments (acl + medial meniscus) in kabbadi, got my acl. reconstructed and meniscus ligament repaired in July 2010. 1 year has passed but still my knee has not recovered and i am not able to bear the pain.

Can the ligament be healed by Reiki?

I have been suffering from this ligament injury since past 3 years and have bared a lot of pain so please guide me what to do.

And my answer:

A… Can the knee ligament be healed by Reiki? Yes… but perhaps not in the way you would expect.

Pain is often associated with guilt feelings. And knee problems with bowing down to others or subjugating yourself.

Doing a Reiki self treatment each day will lessen the pain because it will relax you more. But doing a Reiki self treatment each day may also bring to the surface what you are really feeling about someone or something.

In the quiet moments of giving yourself Reiki and giving yourself some positive attention, you will see yourself, your life and your situations more clearly.

And once you’ve addressed the real cause, the root cause of your apparent injury, then you will start to get better.

Again the Reiki energy will simply keep you steady and true to yourself.

Which is absolutely the right thing.

But tackling the root cause may bring changes to your life and lifestyle! It may require some honesty and courage 🙂

If you are ready to make those changes then good health is there for the grabbing but if not then the knee problem will persist.

Reiki works like a catalyst. It does not change in itself – it remains steadfast and true, steady and stable, while you find your centre.

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