Reiki For Pain


Good mornin’ all…

Whenever I answer a question, I reply intuitively to each individual one.

So if another person asked virtually the same question, my answer might be very different.


Q – I took your Reiki course about 6 months ago to help my husband, who keeps having pains all over his body.

I do Reiki on him but it just seems to work for a day and then the next day the pain is back again.

I don’t understand. I thought Reiki would heal him or cure him of this.

My Reiki doesn’t seem like it does anything to heal him. It just seems like a good band-aid. What good is it, if it doesn’t cure him?


A – Oooh! I love using the ‘cure’ word πŸ™‚

Now, do you TRUST yourself?

TRUST that whatever the outcome is, it’s perfect for all concerned. πŸ™‚

You KNOW your Reiki works because it creates an effect, even if that’s apparently short lived.

What your husband needs to do is begin to accept responsibility for his own illness.

He can’t just sit back and expect you to cure him!

Only he has the power to cure himself. πŸ™‚

He can’t blame you for your Reiki not healing him.

You’re simply sharing your energy with him. What he and his body does with that extra energy is totally up to him.

It’s his choice.

HIS illness creates the life HE wants at the moment. Including lots of loving Reiki pampering from you!

Remember – this is not your illness and it’s not for you or your Reiki to cure him.

You are simply the support, emotionally and energetically, whilst he heals himself.

The hired help, so to speak.

He needs to find the cause of his constant discomfort with his life.

When, why and how often, does his pain get in the way of actual real life for him?

What is it he gets out of doing?

Why is life such a β€˜pain’ for him?

What does his life experiences mirror back to him?

You get back what you put out, consciously or unconsciously, so, how big a pain is he? πŸ™‚

Who told him as a child that he was a pain to live with?

Why does he punish himself with pain?

Pain is often linked emotionally with guilt.

And I don’t mean he is guilty of something or has a guilty secret!

But often as a child, you’re made to feel guilty about all sorts of
things without realising it.

Your body tries to tell you things, by reflecting your inner thoughts, physically as an illness.

And your immediate surroundings and life, in general, will also give clues as to what’s really going on.

Trust yourself πŸ™‚

Let no-one put a spark of doubt in your mind about your Reiki abilities or your love for him.

But this is also a two-way experience.

In fact, it’s NEVER about the outer, only how you respond and experience YOUR life and circumstances.

As I’ve said before, some illnesses create a wide range of life experiences for many people, all in one go.

But if you did cure him NOW, what would you aspire to do together or would it simply give YOU some freedom?

What else about him are you trying to fix or patch over?

Don’t make his being a pain, hold you back!

I can only speak the words that come to my mind and sometimes they’re blunt and may appear rude.

But I trust that the words I speak will spark a reaction in you and him, that’ll help to create a new insight into what’s really going on.

In the meantime, stop trying to fix him and concentrate on replenishing your own energy by using your Reiki for yourself.

This’ll keep you calm and serene in the midst of chaos and emotional turmoil.

I’d also recommend that your husband does Reiki on himself too, so that he can connect with his real ‘pain issue’ and then together you can release it.

Have a wonderful weekend…

Judith πŸ™‚


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