Reiki For The Disabled

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Reiki For The Disabled

People often ask me if Reiki will work if practiced by someone with a physical disability, for example a missing hand or fingers.

The answer of course is yes 🙂

Your intention is the most important thing you use to focus your energy. Using the Reiki symbols will help you achieve this too and help keep you more specifically focussed.

There are many physical ‘disabilities’ and not one I can think of, that would stop someone from accessing and adapting their Reiki energy to suit themselves 🙂

So bearing that in mind here’s this week’s questions… 🙂

Q… I have found my left hand shakes uncontrollably at times while massaging or feeling for hot spots. Can you enlighten me as to why only one hand seems more powerful than the other?

And it is the left hand which used to be paralysed through a mini stroke.

And my answer…

A… We all favour one side or the other just as we do when we write with a pen or step out to start walking. We simply find things are much easier doing it one way than another.

Do remember that whatever works for YOU is right for YOU 🙂

Notice how YOU feel inside when you hand starts to shake ‘uncontrollably’… just watch.

Your left side will be slightly weaker and the amount of energy may simply be a bit vigorous for you but at the same time because it is weak and less ‘resistant’ the energy flows through even better!

And a second question…

I am visually impaired. I have a Guide Dog (seeing eye dog). Could I do Reiki?

I am a qualified Aromatherapist/Reflexologist. I have been told that I am a ‘natural healer’.

And my answer…

We already have two blind Reiki Masters but it does help if you have someone who can see to help you with your self attunement and drawing out the symbols.

You just need to have someone trace them whilst holding your hand, so you know how to draw them out. Or they could be drawn out for you using a pen that has thick ink, leaving a slightly raised feel to it.

Reiki is a lot more simple than Aromatherapy 🙂

And being blind, I think, is sometimes an advantage with a touch therapy. You are far more sensitive with your hands, ears and sense of smell and more naturally intuitive than many already.

You have to trust yourself and your senses much more than a sighted person does.

And just because you your eyes don’t work, it does not mean you cannot see, if you see what I mean… ha ha ha!

Now before I forget let me wish you all a…

Happy Winter Solstice and a bloomin’ MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all too 🙂

This is the shortest day so I had best crack on with lunch or it will be teatime before you know it 🙂

Champion… soon be Spring again… ha ha ha!

There will be no Healing List, Webcast or Sunday Chat next week… I’m having a little break – so in that case I had better wish you all

*******A HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO*******


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