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This week’s question is an excellent example of listening and acting upon the feelings or sensations physically generated – Reiki Forboding.

The question:

Q… I enjoy your Sunday Reiki chat and thank you for your thoughts on Reiki.

I had a strange experience when I was away on holidays last week in the sun. I was swimming in the sea, which I don’t normally do as I normally swim in the pool.

While I was swimming I got a sense of foreboding and found myself finishing my swim and getting out. When I went back the following day it was ok.

I should also say that while on holidays I was doing self Reiki. Any thoughts?

And my answer:

A… My first thought was ‘sharks’ of course… ha ha ha!

But it doesn’t matter what the feeling was warning you about, it only matters that you noticed ‘a feeling of foreboding’ and that you did something about it – you got out of the water.

It could have been anything from jelly fish, a rip current coming or a great white feeling like a snack 🙂

It may even have been indigestion!

But we’ll probably never know – and it doesn’t really matter.

The important thing is you honoured the feeling and acted.

And also consider this…

The bowel is also known as your second brain and it’s closely linked to your thoughts and feelings.

So one can reflect the other!

Meaning, if you’re feeling mentally nervous, you may get butterflies in your tummy.

And by the same token, if you eat something that isn’t right for you, you may begin feeling anxious.

So, observe what happens ‘inside’ yourself after eating certain types of food – bread, sugar or meat for example.

Then try resting your hands on your belly and give some Reiki to settle or release any unwanted sensations.

Because, the more you give yourself Reiki, the more grounded, serene and confident you’ll become.

And the more TRUSTING of yourself you’ll become too.

Then, the more you TRUST and observe, the more you’ll notice what the disturbing energy is, and where it originated from.

You’ll also start to notice:

Is it stuck or transient? Is it hot or cold, energising or depleting?

And then, when you TRUST YOURSELF enough, you’ll begin to slow down little by little and notice many things, without fear or judgement…

…fully accepting events to be just as they are – which is neither good nor bad.

Then if it feels good you appreciate the energy and if it feels not so good, you can ‘get out of the water’…

You do not need to know, you need knowingness – and that is called TRUSTING the part of you which whispered in the first place.

Now I trust that my Sunday lunch will be yummy and I trust yours will be too.

Perfick harmony all over the world. 🙂

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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