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Reiki Grandmaster Title

Q… Judith, what are your thoughts on Usui Grandmaster Reiki, levels 5-13, plus the Wisdom symbol?

I came across this from a Reiki Grandmaster in Arizona (USA) who provides full details on the symbols, names, and meditations for 10 Reiki levels following the Dia Ko Myo Master level.

And my answer…

A… There is no such thing as the title Grandmaster in Reiki and was never conceived of, or used by, Usui himself…

…but people can, of course, call themselves whatever they wish.

As, indeed, Mrs Takata did when she decided to make up, and use, this title of Grandmaster first.

To me, all these titles and new levels sound like a lot of totally unnecessary pomp and ego…

But having said that, TRUST your own feelings about whomever it is you’re listening to and whatever it is they’re saying.

And as for levels 5-13 plus the Wisdom symbol?

Well, whatever works for you is right for you, but always remember this…

The power behind all Reiki is YOU – not the levels and not the symbols.

Personally I find 1 level – that of Reiki Master and 6 symbols, to be plain, simple, uncluttered and very powerful.

But you can split things to infinity – if you really want to…

I would suggest you sleep on it and if YOU FEEL this sounds good to you then go for it 🙂

But you have asked me – a plain, down to earth, bog standard Reiki Master – if I would give my clear opinion.

Now, is that because you have doubts?

I often think if you have to ask a question like this, then in truth, you already know the correct answer for yourself.

But for the avoidance of doubt, my clear opinion is – I think you’ll find it’s totally unnecessary.

So, from a chuffin’ grand, Reiki Master 🙂

Judith 🙂

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