Reiki Grounding and Protecting?

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OK then – this week’s question is: Reiki Grounding and Protecting

Q… My queries are regarding grounding and protecting.

Could you tell me if and how you ground and protect yourself and also explain why it is necessary/how often.

I get confused (the little grey cells again!) regarding these aspects because I don’t feel I need protecting when dealing with or giving Reiki – everyday life now that’s a different story altogether … ha ha ha!

Would you mind sharing your views with me and giving any advice you can.

And my answer:

I knew I had written something about this topic yonks ago and had a rummage around for you.

Here are 2 previous Sunday Chats talking about this very subject. 🙂

Reiki Suicide

The Reiki Bombers

Excellent – time for a brew before putting the veggies on 🙂

Judith 🙂

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