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Reiki Hot Spots

Q… I was reading the Sunday chat and found it interesting about the fellow who noted that he had heat from his hands and his wife became itchy. Like the answer.

But, it triggered a question I have been meaning to ask:

When I do Reiki, and intermittently when I think about Reiki, I get an area in my palms that gets hot-hot, to the point where sometimes if I have my hands in an area the person is not experiencing pain, they complain that they become uncomfortable with the heat and light.

I usually can’t do a full treatment I can only treat the area of pain, it’s like I have a hot ball of heated light in my palms.

How do I do Reiki if I can’t do full treatments? I’m presently refraining from practise – so your help would be appreciated.

And my answer:

A… We all have to adapt to what works best for us, as individuals.

Just like we adapt for a client who wants something different or who has their own special requirements.

Understand that the people who are drawn to you will need your extra hot hands. Perhaps they need the reassurance that something is happening?

Perhaps they need the comfort of heat?

Perhaps you simply need to be a ‘quick fix’ pain specialist… ha ha ha!

If your hands are too hot for some to handle, then don’t linger too long in one spot.

Instead of doing the hand positions once round, speed up and go around twice 🙂

Or do each position slightly away from the body and only touch actually where the problem is.

And remember – a ‘full’ treatment might only be 10 minutes for some people but an hour and a half for others.

If you refrain from ‘practicing’ on people, how are you ever going to create your own style of expressing your unique Reiki energy?

On the contrary, I would suggest you practice even more!

And what fabulous confirmation for you too, that you have such a wonderful demonstration of your internal power!


Now, any chance you could speed up the browning of my potatoes? 🙂

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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