Reiki, How Long to See Results

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Reiki, How Long to See Results


I have self attuned 3 weeks ago – have been using the 12 hand positions every day and took part in the webcast with Judith on Saturday night. I now feel tinglings in my hands and heat.

After 2 treatments my husband’s hurt knee is no better. How long before I can ‘see’ results.

Sorry if I seem impatient but having had treatment myself in the past, I know it works for others.

And my reply…

Let’s remember we never heal anyone… we simply support them with our Reiki energy, until they are ready to use that energy to heal themselves.

So be patient and do not expect a particular outcome.

TRUST that whatever the outcome is, it is the right one for all concerned…

Including the outcome that your husband is not ready to let go of his poorly knee just yet.

Do not judge if that is a good thing or a bad thing, it simply is.

Knees are often painful when we do not want to bow down or surrender or give in to others, especially in a work situation or with a person who is domineering.

Perhaps your husband would really like to change his job but feels he cannot at the moment?

Or perhaps his mother is looming over him… ha ha ha!!!

There are many explanations that could be true but at the right time, your help and support will magically appear to ‘heal him’.

Keep sharing your Reiki energy with him and soon he will feel confident enough, supported enough, to make the changes in his life that will stimulate the healing of his knee.

Until that moment… TRUST yourself and your Reiki energy but let the outcome of the situation, take care of itself 🙂

Judith 🙂

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