Reiki Intentions

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Reiki Intentions

Q… First, thank you for your training resource! I recently took a Reiki II course (after going through your system, with attunements) — I want to expand my Reiki perspective and get plugged-in to a local Reiki community.

Anyway, this other training program teaches the Cho Ku Rei symbol going in the opposite direction as the way I learned it from you. They suggest drawing it from the right to left is focusing the power, and drawing from left to right takes power out (which one might want to do for, say, a tumor). Further research on the web leaves me more confused about which way really is the way to draw the Power Symbol?

And my answer:

A… Now, please don’t get too tied up with the way the symbols should be drawn…

…for remember, always remember, YOU are the power not the symbol – the symbol is merely a focus for your intention.

It is your intention, always, always, all-ways your intention, which matters most πŸ™‚

Want another one? πŸ™‚ (Question printed exactly as received)

Q… what you are saying is that everybody has this energy but when you do Reiki you feel it or you become more responsive to it or the body is waken up by it or you are taping this energy……

let talk about intention, is all this is the power of the thought so does thought energy wake up the Reiki field in you?

And my answer, which I have broken up like a conversation:

A… That’s exactly what we have been saying for over 15 years now πŸ™‚

There is only ONE energy…

Reiki is simply a name given to a way of using and sensing the ‘ONE energy’ which is also your energy – for it is ONE and the same.

The ONE energy has many names of course… god, universal energy, infinite consciousness, universal consciousness, chi, ki, source, prana, zero point etc…

But these names are just different levels of description for the same thing – because everything in existence comes forth from this ONE energy. Our quantum physicists call it The Unified Field.

Q… but when you do Reiki you feel it or you become more responsive to it or the body is wakened up by it or you are tapping this energy.

A… Yes… Perfectly put πŸ™‚

Q… let’s talk about intention, if all this is the power of thought, does thought energy wake up the Reiki field in you?

A… You are what you think about πŸ™‚

Thoughts create your reality – (along with your attitudes, beliefs, choices, decisions, desires, imagination and expectancy of course) – but mainly through your thoughts and feelings.

And your intention is simply a focused thought; therefore it is concentrated energy, so to speak.

When you self-attune you focus your thought on awakening the Reiki within you. Therefore it is so.

It was always there, just waiting for you to give it a name. The name is like a handle which enables you to move it around and play with it. But it was always there and always will be.

Unlike my Sunday lunch which will be devoured in a jiffy… ha ha ha!

Until next week…

Judith πŸ™‚

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