Reiki is not a religion!


Good mornin’ all…

I received, yet again, one of those long bible text emails telling me of hell and damnation if I didn’t do something or other.

I don’t really read them properly, I just delete them, but it got me pondering, as you do… 🙂

Would God have any religion? – and why all the fuss?

Why all the fighting and arguing about there being only One God?

One God who has no religion? Come on, let’s all grow up…

Look, there is only One Energy.

It is YOU and YOU are IT.

So, you are this One God of which you speak – so indeed, you have no need of a religion.

That’s like following yourself on facebook! 🙂

Engaging in following a religion takes you away from your true self.

It takes away your power, creativity and freedom.

Simply by making you look ‘out there’ for something which can only be found ‘in here’… so to speak.

Jesus said – and I don’t quote – “You too, can do this and more…”

Yet woe betide anyone who dares to think they can do as he did, or god forbid, do it better… ha ha ha! 🙂

Good Ol’ Dad in the sky 🙂

Now, Reiki is not a religion!

It’s simply a way of connecting to your own inner God Force Energy. That One Energy, The Universal Life Force Energy, call it anything you like because it is what it is…

Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Consciousness, The Absolute.

But for simplicity’s sake I call MY One Energy Judith 🙂

And the more I use my Chikara-Reiki-Do Energy to discover more about myself, the more I discover about the God, Goddess, and the All That Is, Within 🙂

And there is only One Energy – so get over it!

It’s ALL you – so share yourself graciously, kindly, lovingly, generously, copiously, abundantly, caringly, gently,
whatever-ly 🙂

It’s so funny – God has a religion..? ha ha ha!

God must have thought that one up! 🙂

Ooh! Now the Goddess might have something to say…

Oh! I forgot – that’s me too!

Pondering on… and have a personally powerful, Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂

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