Reiki is not complicated – a child can, and many do, learn how to do it.


Good mornin’ all

These day’s lots of different elements talk about personal power, developing your energies – and you, coming to know you’re so much more than just plain ol’ Joe Bloggs, the ordinary man in the street.

For we are all: God, Goddess, All That Is..!

Supreme Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness, Source Energy, infinite intelligence!

In fact – You are – The One

But most of us don’t know this at all. We just hope some of it’s true and will rub off on us.

Most traditions, and schools of thought, will ask you to complete arduous tasks and feats of resourcefulness until one day…

YOU, come to realise just who you are…

…and you touch your divine centre.

Which is where todays Reiki comes into play!

But, instead of being arduous, Reiki consists of a simple set of rituals and symbols.

Reiki is not complicated – a child can, and many do, learn how to do it.

And what it gives YOU, is a very simple way to access your own energy.

Used on yourself, for yourself, it’ll quickly and effortlessly, bring you to your own still centre…

It’ll balance and heal you, inside and out.

It’ll give you more self-confidence and more vitality

And if you want proof that you’re the owner of this magic energy – simply touch another living thing and ‘intend’ to share your Reiki energy.

Watch your plants thrive.

Watch your kitten purr with delight and seek out your touch.

Watch a baby settle and your friends gasp at the heat in your hands!

Suddenly you have confirmation that YOU really are this energy!

For Reiki is simple by definition.

It’s simple to learn and simple to use…

But do not be fooled by its simplicity.

It is deeply revealing.

As the Earth’s energy and indeed the energy of our universe quickens, we need simple, easy, and potent ways of understanding ourselves, so we can keep pace with the changes.

And Reiki can keep us in touch with our inner self.

But its greatest effect is in showing us that WE are the true power ‘behind’ it all.

That WE are Infinite Consciousness – God, Goddess, All That Is…

And it shows us this plainly, with…

No fluff and no nonsense – it simply just, shows us, this is how it is.

Now, the structure which Reiki affords us is a brilliant starting point.

It gives us support and a foundation to build on – a belief.

But it’s only like building a runway.

It’s there to get us going, until we build up enough confidence to fly on our own.

And if at any time we falter, we can always fall back on the symbols and rituals again.

Reiki, if used properly, speeds up the process of you acknowledging and owning your own power.

No clubs necessary, no certificates, no-one else’s approval.

You can do it all yourself

All you need is the relevant information.

After that – it’s up to you.

Knowledge gives you power, which in turn gives you freedom

And that’s what I’ve been trying to show you all along.

It’s all about YOU.

You are The One.

And as you share and express your Oneness, you’ll connect with the Oneness of It All.

You no longer ‘understand’ it all, you connect and ‘know’ it all.

Your energy will blend and melt into the whole and become One.

First comes the DOING and then you can move into the NOTHING – and beyond

First Reiki, then no need for Reiki…

First noise and then silence…

Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s nice when I chat and bliss when I stop 🙂

But please do take this to heart…

Reiki is a very simple yet powerful TOOL you can use to explore your own inner radiance.

To light up your light!

To add bite to your bark, to keep you steadfast and true to your own destiny or dreams…

To give you the calmness and serenity which nothing can rattle

To be a safe harbour where fear cannot dock – a much needed asset these days.

But only you can discover what your Reiki journey will mean to you.

Bloomin’ marvellous…

Judith 🙂

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