Reiki Is Not Just For Healing

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Reiki Is Not Just For Healing

Q… I have a comment rather than a question. I’ve just listened to your Sunday Reiki chat, “A Career in Reiki”. You make some excellent points and offer valuable advice to those who might consider a career path as a Reiki practitioner.

I have a slightly different view on this subject, which I’d like to share.

When I was first introduced to Reiki in 1989 I was overwhelmed and astonished by my own profound and powerful experiences.

Those experiences were so astonishing that I became quite enthusiastic, to put it mildly. So moved by the transformational nature of Reiki, was I, that I was convinced that this certainly must be a career path for me to follow.

At that time, in my area, becoming a master required paying $10,000 CDN and spending a full year as apprentice to an established master.

I was so drawn to the idea of becoming a master that I was prepared to get a loan to cover the cost of the apprenticeship.

To make a very long story short, before I could take that next step I had several remarkable “interventions” which not only stopped me from pursuing Reiki full time, but also gave me tremendous respect for insight, instinct and intuition – as well as what I’ve come to call, “the process”.

Without going into detail, I received a powerful message that I was in fact an “unhealed healer”. The purpose of Reiki in my life was to heal others by healing myself.

I received this message more than once, in various ways. However, each time it was very obvious and very clear that I needed to reconsider the idea of using Reiki to treat others as a practitioner.

I was simply stunned and to be honest, kind of set back on my heels. At first the messages I received seemed to be a contradiction.

Having been initiated, I now had the ability to help others heal, something that resonated very strongly with me.

It took a very long time and study for me to finally understand that Reiki can work through each person in a different way. For me, that way was not to open a Reiki practice.

I admit that my ego was stung by the idea I needed to be healed more than others and that was when the light went on.

Suddenly it hit me, it was my ego that created the problem. That little voice in my head that screamed, look at me, I’m a Reiki healer, aren’t I great!

Suddenly I got it, the naked and unvarnished truth – Reiki is not something to do, it is something to BE.

To be of service to others, you must first be of service to yourself and to the universal love embodied in Reiki.

I have been humbled by Reiki’s ability to show me myself, warts and all, unedited and uncensored.

I discovered to my surprise that Reiki can work through me in different ways.

That in fact, it is not simply a means of channelling healing energies to others directly. Reiki can also heal by providing insights, offering ideas and shifting attitudes.

The manner in which Reiki energy reaches us can manifest in a healing session or through inspiring words or the positive energies which flow from loving intentions.

Even for those who are not direct practitioners Reiki can still be a powerful and remarkable healing force.

They only need to listen to their own intuition to find the way in which Reiki energies want to be used through them.

And my answer…

A… I have said again and again that Reiki is not just about healing – and in truth, the only person you ever heal is yourself 🙂

And in doing that, you heal YOUR world around you…

…then your outer circumstances immediately reflect your inner harmony.

Becoming a Reiki Master is simply the first step on a very personal journey…

You are the all of it and Reiki is just a key to knowing that 🙂

Thank you for sharing your comments 🙂

OK… another couple of quickie questions…

Q… I do Reiki on my husband. I notice coldness in some parts and warmness in some places. What does it mean? And, what should I do?

A… Any sensations simply make you aware of an energy imbalance around that area of the person’s body. What should you do? TRUST your intuition 🙂

It may tell you to linger a little longer at that point or to gloss over it. Trust whatever your hands feel inclined to do, because what they’re actually doing is scanning…

…and our 12 Hand Positions Video Package will explain more about ‘scanning’ and show you how to do this.

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Q…Do you have the hand positions for treating other people and animals because there is nothing in the manuals.

A…The 12 hand positions, that are shown in your Reiki Package, for a self treatment, are the ones you adapt for use on your clients or any animal.

Again, our 12 Hand Positions Video Package will show you exactly how to give a Reiki session to a client, using those 12 hand positions.

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And lastly… 🙂

Q…I have to ask … What does “chuffin’ mean? That’s a fun word. 🙂

A… Eeeh! chuffin’ grand lass 🙂

Said in the Yorkshire accent, as used by Wallace, in the Wallace and Grommit films 🙂

It simply means excellent, smashing, very good… or chuffin’ grand !

Eeeh! Me beef ‘ll be leather if I don’t crack on…

Judith 🙂

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