Reiki Love, Light and Laughter?


Good mornin’ all

This should be different!

There is only one energy… (you’ve never heard that one before!)

So, there’s really only one of us listening here in the room – for I’m simply you answering yourself back

If you’re here, it’s because you choose to hear what I/you have to say at this moment in time.

The outer experiences reflect the inner thoughts we hold.

Like yin and yang.

Within one, is the other.

You reflect my serious side and I reflect your fun side.

When you get too stuck in the serious mentality, you’ll come across someone like me

And I will be seriously funny for you

You see, there are NO accidents, EVER…

You already are the all of it, a fully enlightened spiritual consciousness here to simply physically experience whatever it is, you wish to experience and in that wishing to also have FUN.

Spirituality is not a serious condition

If you can look back and laugh at something in six months time, you can laugh at it NOW!

And laughter is the best medicine we’re told!

So for all you Reiki healers out there… let’s ‘av a laff’ together

Reiki – Love, Light and Laughter!

So many Reiki people spout on about ‘Love and Light’ but you never hear them having a giggle!


Death is positively hysterical – I’ve never met a dull mortician

Happy people float through life with a grace and ease envied by others with a more serious disposition

So right now, get yourself comfortable and smile

A big, BIG smile…

Now, breathe out as far as you can, until your lungs are empty and then make a sound as deep as you can – let the noise rumble and then bubble up from your belly.

I’m a ha ha ha! girl as you know

But you can hee hee hee! or ho ho ho! if you feel more comfortable with that.

At first, this might feel a bit forced but just let the laughter start to bubble up and come in waves, like a rolling ocean.

Okay then, let’s do some real deep laughing together…

Are you ready?…then smile, breathe out and just let yourself gooooo…

🙂 🙂 🙂

Now that’s what I call Love, Light and Reiki LAUGHTER

I hope you all feel chuffin’ grand for having shared some with me

The more you laugh, the funnier your life becomes.

The funnier your life becomes, the easier it is to glide gracefully and joyfully along with it.

Laughter is the Harmonics of the Heavens

So the next time you’re sharing Reiki Love and Light don’t forget the Laughter too!

Bloomin’ marvellous

Judith 🙂


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