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Reiki Master Answers Non Reiki Questions

I enjoyed your article last week about the questioner’s stepdad and his toe.

You said every physical manifestation is caused by an emotional problem. I wonder if you could describe an emotional problem for me.

This may seem a basic question to some but not for me. I have heard many people say this and am unsure what they mean?

Thank you for reading my rather basic question but I hope you can explain it in a basic way… ha ha ha!

In Love and light…

And my answer…

This is a bloomin’ excellent question and I hope I can answer it simply…

Your body is like a mirror for what you are really thinking and feeling inside… in your thoughts.

When your inner private thoughts are a bit wonky then you will mirror or manifest an external problem in your life.

But there is only ONE emotional problem that we dress up in many disguises.

That one problem is FEAR. Yes, simply FEAR.

We call it all sorts of things but the bottom line, the common denominator, the one and only… is FEAR.

We work out of two emotions only… Love or Fear.

Fear is the one that causes all the problems 🙂

For example…

I had a fear of flying. Great, don’t like heights, very ordinary thing but underneath all that was an emotional deeper cause.

When I got to the bottom of it… I like to be in control.

But that is also a fear of not being in control, so why?

What am I afraid will happen if I am not in control…?

This goes right back, for me, to an incident when I was 4 years old and an exchange with my Mom. That emotional experience way back then, had influenced my life until just recently.

And, I was not consciously aware of it either – but I am now.

So actually flying is not my problem, nor is the exchange with my Mom.

My problem was my emotional reaction and long held belief about myself, imposed upon me at a very early age.

Any physical illness has an equally obscure hidden FEAR or one which is as plain as the nose on your face.

You can ask yourself… what does this illness give me..?

Love and attention?
A good rest?
A break away from something…

…like the job you hate maybe?… ha ha ha!

Ask yourself – what does an illness or condition or situation stop you from doing?

Because remember, there are no accidents ever…

The chap that gets knocked over by a bus on the way to the church, maybe trying to say he doesn’t really want to get married… ha ha ha!

When you get cancer… what is really ‘eating away at you’?

And so it goes…

Giving you hard evidence of what you are really thinking and feeling – and it’s there, right under your nose.

But thoughts and feelings can be slippery little suckers and hard to pin down.

It might take a life time… ha ha ha! And you have to allow yourself to be extremely honest with yourself.

Blunt and truthful!

But when you reach a point where you can Love, Honour and Respect yourself enough to expose the real you to the world then life becomes a joy beyond belief… and what a relief : -)

Does this answer your question? – I hope so.

Also received this week, another question about ’emotional’ problems…

I will just chat through this mail…

Q… I had a question about the fact that all physical problems are manifestations of emotional ones. I have had recurring problems with my teeth.

A… Teeth… Our bite! Is your bark worse than your bite? Do you get angry but don’t express it appropriately?

Do others offer you advice and tell you what to do and you do it? Even when you don’t really agree with whatever is being asked of you?

Do you ‘grit your teeth and bear it’? 🙂

You cannot chew/digest/swallow the garbage given to you?

Q… I have very good oral hygiene. So I find it curious that this plagues me. I currently have an exposed nerve and severe infection.

A… What at the moment feels painfully ‘exposed’ in your life?

Teeth can also represent our long held beliefs. The foundation system upon which we have built our life.

Is something threatening your very core belief system?

Are times a changing around you?

Q… I am in quite a bit of pain.

A…Then speak out – and don’t feel guilty about being true to yourself.

NO is a good word sometimes 🙂

Q… I was just curious as what I need to work on emotionally to stop this pain? I was told that it is probably something about having a hard time making decisions or speaking the truth. I just can’t think of what it is. I hope you have some insight into this because it is just obstructing my life.

A… I personally found the 10 Minute Cure CD excellent. It was that which brought my subconscious thoughts up to the surface so I could see exactly what I had been doing for 51 years… ha ha ha!

I would highly recommend it if you want to get to the bottom of things. Especially if things in your life keep re-occurring like a bad penny on a merry go round 🙂

Click here for the 10 Minute Cure cd

It’s a smashing little CD that really does do what it says on the cover 🙂

OK then, I will leave you with this little wisdom tale from Kurt Tepperwein… 🙂


In the Shaolin temple, there is a hall of the thousand mirrors.

One day, a dog came into this hall and suddenly saw a thousand dogs around him.

He growled and barked at his alleged enemies.

And they of course, showed him a thousandfold of teeth back.

Here upon, the dog became furious with rage and this rage came back at him a thousandfold, so he died of overexertion…

Some time later, another dog came into the hall of mirrors.

And he also saw a thousand dogs around him.

But he was pleased about that and wagged his tail and at once had a thousand friends.

Judith 🙂

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