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Reiki Meditation

Recently we have been running a special offer for our Strengthening Your Connection to Reiki meditation and this week it is for Developing your Intuition but my answer to this question works for any meditation you may choose to do…

The question…

Q… Please can you help me to work out why I can’t meditate. I used to be able to and now all that ‘floats’ into my mind is negative thoughts.

I want to meditate to get away from the negative things going on.

My last ‘try’ was thoughts as to what I would put into an email to you, asking for help with this 🙂

I try to let go and ‘relax’ my mind or go ‘blank’.

I know you will come up with something, I hope, please Judith.

The Strengthening your Reiki meditation was lovely – even though I couldn’t even meditate with it.

Bless you for all you do for us all.

And my answer…

A… For me it is a case of just doing it… When your brain kicks in, just watch and think ‘ho hum’…

But the real trick is to keep at it… not just once or twice and give up, but every morning for at least 3 months and preferably 6 to 12 months.

Using just one meditation technique of your choice.

Our meditations are perfect for this 🙂

But I would say that… but it’s true… ha ha ha!

For the best results, and I mean excellent results, that is what you need to do.

Just lie there, for the punishment it may seem like at first… ha ha ha!

But keep doing it regularly every morning and after 3 months continually, never miss a day, you will suddenly notice a huge difference. Huge!

Remember… there is no try, just ‘do’ it 🙂

Excuses are simply your mind playing tricks to avoid having to change the status quo.

If you want something, go for it, and make it happen 🙂

Remember… YOU are the power behind it all and your mind is simply a computer that resists change.

Constant ‘programming’ with what YOU want will eventually make it ‘change its mind’ and then it will be happy to do your bidding and even help you beyond your expectations 🙂

I have added a list of the differences between our meditation frequencies and showing how they can be of benefit to you.

Perfick for an extra lie on these cold mornings… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

About our meditation MP3’s…

…the differences lie in the frequencies and also in the subliminal messages embedded within each meditation

Developing Intuitive Reiki Meditation
Recording Length: 30 minutes (approx)
Brainwave Frequency: Mid Theta: 5.5 Hz (5.5 Cycles per second)
5.5 Hz is For: Moving beyond knowledge into knowing; visions of growth needed.

Reiki Riches Meditation
Recording Length: 30 minutes (approx)
Brainwave Frequency: High Theta: 4.7 Hz (4.7 Cycles per second)
4.7 Hz is For: recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness.

Strengthening Your Reiki Connection Meditation
Recording Length: 30 minutes (approx)
Brainwave Frequency: High Theta: 7.5 Hz (7.5 Cycles per second)
7.5 Hz is For: Inter-awareness of self and purpose; guided meditation; creative thought for art, invention, music, etc.; contact with spirit guides for direction.

And The Ultimate Chakra Balancing Meditation cycles through all seven of the frequencies commonly accepted as being those of our seven chakras.

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