Reiki: One Thing Leads to Another


Good mornin’ all…

Well, here’s a question which everyone may find useful:

Q. You asked about learning to clear your chakras because:

I’ve used the Reiki on myself and find myself more and more intrigued.

I’m having some health problems that are emotion-related but I’ve buried my emotions so deep I can’t even seem to recognize them.

I wish to be of service to others but I’m unable to do so until I can find a path for myself.

So much here to share and instead I find myself even incapable of sharing with my sister who’s even now talking of suicide.

She lives far away and tells me she has a level one Reiki attunement but I — oh I’m so sorry.

This only started out as a request for information about additional reading I can do, to learn to help myself and then others.

I’ll be happy just with a small shove in the right direction!

And my Answer:

A nudge in the right direction? 🙂

Mmmmm… I’m good at both nudging and shoving 🙂

Personally, I like our Chikara-Reiki-Do Mini course for working on your chakras but also our self attunement process itself, is very balancing too.

Other than that, simply trust your own intuition and ask for the right book or meditation about chakras to appear for you and, of course, it will.

(Not forgetting we do our own brilliant Chakra Balancing meditation as well)

But let me chat on…

Buried your problems – reflected in your bowels perhaps?

Pain – often caused by guilt or anger!

Tension – that’s your body talking to you about resistance and not following the path that’s right for YOU.

My suggestion is to simply listen to your ‘internals’ 🙂

Sit quietly each day and run the Chikara-Reiki-Do energy for yourself.

As you sit there, listen to where the tension is in your body and then place your hand over the area and ask it to release and relax.

Wait for it to release the tension. No rush.

Just breathe and relax. Work in harmony with your body, that’s all…

It doesn’t matter that you can’t recognize what the tensions are.

It’s just the past dissolving. There’s no need to relive it 🙂

There’s only today, in fact there’s only this moment, and in this moment, you can relax, here and now.

Regarding your sister, remember, suicide is a personal choice.

So, let your sister talk…

Chat together about death.

How does she feel she would like to ‘do it’?

Has she made proper plans for friends and relatives, said her goodbye etc?

What would she like for the funeral?

Be realistic…

The gift of life is given to you, by you, no strings attached.

You and she can do whatever you like with it.

She’ll simply be stepping out of her body.

You then have the experience of dealing with your grief, sadness, loneliness, etc.

But that’s only because you don’t agree with her decisions – otherwise you’d be happy for her! Like waving her off at the airport on the adventure of a lifetime

Remember also, that the outer reflects the inner…

Your sister is also reflecting YOU just now…

Sad, angry, can’t cope, overwhelmed, lonely, choked up, unable to connect, etc…

Go to your sister… hug and hold each other… no words needed for she is you and you are her.

Chin up 🙂

To me, if you FEAR DEATH then what you end up with, is a ‘fear of living’ and all the glorious, wonderful, fantastic adventures you could’ve had are missed.

You end up being your own ‘health and safety committee’… 🙂

If you’re HERE, NOW, with breath in your lungs then go for it – whatever that ‘IT’ is

But you need to be steadfast and true to your own nature…

You need to be centred, powerful and balanced, so you can take your life in your stride…

Wow… I can’t ‘alf talk once I get going!

Do or die as they say…

Remember, I’m a nurse – with gallows humour!

Get over it! 🙂

You might find our Chakra Balancing meditation helpful

Also, look at this Suicide help site – called ASIST

Plus, the wonderful CBD oil definitely helps to positively strengthen you and keeps your moods and emotions steady too.

Once again, CBD and Chikara-Reiki-Do, the darling duo!

Have a ‘moving forward’ Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.


Judith 🙂



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