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This week’s question: Reiki or Zimbate

Q… Dear Judith and to whom else this may concern,

I was wondering if you have thought about teaching Zimbate in this online method as well?

I would be very interested in taking this course through you.

I realize that you need to specialize, but since there are a lot of Reiki Masters out there, I thought it would be nice to be able to add additional healing modalities.

This would work in conjunction with the Reiki from what I have read, or at least every Zimbate practitioner I have seen online also has happened to be a Reiki Master.

I loved taking my Reiki class through you. It was the best experience. I love getting your e-mails every week along with your specials. I know I will be buying many more of your courses.

And my answer:

A… I had never heard of Zimbate until you told me about it…

So, I’ve been reading online about it and in truth, I cannot see any difference between Reiki and Zimbate.

Can you? Really?

Reiki is a foundation, a tool, a sequence of things to do which allows you to sense your own energy.

It is also your connection to the All of It!

So if you want to call your Reiki energy Zimbate energy then that is perfect too.

Remember – There is only one energy – it is YOU and YOU are it…

And you can call it what you will. 🙂

But all the things they spoke about Zimbate you can do with your Reiki energy.

Including a speedy session.

You see, we are all fantastic, amazing, energetic beings 🙂

We just have to let that energy ‘shine’ through.

And, as with most things, it takes time to get really good at it…

…to really master it.

So it is with your Reiki.

You can add on, bolt on, clip on anything you want but Reiki is the name we give to your core energy.

It’s all you need to be the best you, you can be – and to bring out the amazing warrior/healer within you.

But if you feel especially drawn to the Zimbate way, then go for that too!


Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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