Reiki Pains

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Right then, this week’s question is about Reiki pains

Q… I have pain in my elbow and lower part of my feet. Please help me how i can get rid of these problem.

And my answer:

A… It’s always a good idea NOT to treat a specific illness, injury or pain. Just give yourself a Reiki treatment each and every day.

Remembering to set your intention for your Reiki energy to be used for “your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.”

Then simply allow the outcome to take care of itself and TRUST that it will be perfect for everyone, including you 🙂

Let go of ‘targeting the pain’.

Don’t bother about ‘healing your bits’.

Stop ‘doing’ anything and simply ‘be’ – one with your Reiki energy. 🙂


But whilst you are sitting quietly doing nothing, perhaps your thoughts might wander around this:

Elbows: associated with the 4th chakra

Are you trying to create a space for yourself?

Is someone else moving in on your space or relationships?

Is there a person or situation that needs to be ‘given the elbow’ now.

Is it time to let it go and move away?

Feet: associated with the 1st chakra

Are there issues of safety and security?

Are you afraid to step forward in your life?

Are you afraid to change your job or move house?

The ball area of your foot is to do particularly with balancing.

So stop being afraid of change, make your move and the balance will take care of itself.


Often associated with guilty feelings?

Sorted 🙂


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