Reiki Queenie



Good morning all!

Merry Christmas 🙂

You should all be peeling fiddly little sprouts and eating chocolates for breakfast!

Sprouts and big boxes of chocolates 🙂 That brings back childhood memories 🙂

Every little girl I knew had the big box, with the fancy satin ribbon saved under her bed with special things in it. 🙂

I still like putting things, in things! Must be a girl thing 🙂

I want to say a big thank YOU for dropping by this morning and simply being there 🙂

Just popping in and perhaps smiling as you read this, is enough to direct and share your energy with me – so thank you 🙂

In return I’m sending my intentions to you all, for a beautiful, funny, sparkly, laughter filled day 🙂

Relax and go with it…

If you’re alone – enjoy your own company. Who understands you better? 🙂

If you’re swamped with family – drown in the noise, chatter, in-fighting, and laughter. 🙂

Whatever happens, make it big and memorable!

Burn the turkey, forget the pressies, cook the best pudding ever!

YOU are wonderful, beautiful, strong and amazing! 🙂

For a perfick day – simply BE yourself!

Now that’s Reiki magic at its best!


Judith 🙂



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