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Reiki Questions Answered

Q… I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful job you are doing.

I also would like to ask a question and that is, during the attunement, I started to yawn and get tears dripping a lot!

I was not crying nor sad, I was fine and relaxed, but I just kept yawning for almost the whole attunement process… do you have any explanation for that?

Thank you.

And my reply…

A… What a lovely email 🙂

Yawning is a sign of releasing and relaxing …

Not only were you releasing gently with your tears but also on a much deeper level (subconsciously) by yawning.

We hold all our memories in our muscles and by yawning and relaxing you let go of the tension and ‘old stuff’ held in your muscles.

You may find you feel more ‘flexible’ both in mind and body now. The yawns will have relaxed your attitudes and beliefs too and opened you up to accepting changes.

Sounds bloomin’ marvellous to me…

Another short question…

Q… I would like to give Reiki treatments as soon as it’s possible and have been looking into all the different types of ailments and imbalances.

I’ve come to a discovery that there are many individuals out there that are under confident, erratic in their behaviour, and easily confused. These people are very often manipulated by others around them.

They begin to convince themselves they are someone they are truly not and lead lives they don’t really want to be living.

These poor souls feel trapped and display imbalances in the mind and spirit and as a result, these imbalances can lead to physical ailments ie: often feeling run down, or suffering from headaches or sickness. Emotionally they have erratic mood swings.

Would you say this is an accurate analysis of other people and are they easy to treat?

And my answer…

A… Well, I think that covers the broad strokes of just about everyone on the planet… ha ha ha!

Are they easy to treat?

That depends on the individual circumstances, and you, on the day 🙂

People are people and the more practiced and confident you are, the better the ‘apparent success rate’ you’ll have.

But, as I’ve said a million times before, do not treat an ailment or illness. Simply share your abundant Reiki energy with another.

Just blend your energies together.

Bring your serenity, steadfastness, calmness and strength to the situation.

The rest will take care of itself 🙂

Judith 🙂

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