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Blimey o’reilly, what a week!

Thank you all for your questions and photos. It is lovely to ‘see’ so many of you. I am working as quickly as I can to catch up with all the Energy Readings but I am slowly getting there.

We have all had to learn about the new software and technology that goes with it but I think it is really neat that I can record the readings and people can hear what I sound like.

So we may just get around to me reading out the Sunday Chat while you sit back, close your eyes and listen to my dulcet tones… ha ha ha! You’ll be OK as long as I don’t sing.

Now, because I have been so rushed of my feet or more appropriately stuck on my chair, I have not had much time to give to this week’s Chat so I am just going to do a brief question which I received earlier this week.

The Question…

I gave a treatment to J. last week end, she broke her wrist quite badly, no such thing as a good break I know, but the bone came out of her wrist etc all very blurrg. After I had finished my own hands and wrists ached and they still do now, what do you think that is?

The Answer…

Whenever we give a Reiki Healing we actually find that we blend energies with the person as well. In fact to give a good session it is essential to blend and mix and feel and sense their energy. Then if you listen you will ‘sense’ in your own body exactly what they are feeling in theirs.

Hence the aching wrists. But this could manifest as a huge headache or backache or feeling sick or chest pain… in fact whatever is wrong with any client you have.

The trick is not to take it on board. It is not your condition it is theirs. And you do know the difference.

As soon as you sense their condition that is all you need… then ask for ‘it’ to be taken away. Allow it to dissipate. Say thankyou.

If it returns do not start acting as if you have a problem, you don’t, so ask for it to be removed again.

For this question the remedy is simply to rinse your wrists under cold running water and imagine the aches being dissolved and flushed away… sorted.

For more persistent or stronger sensations, go take a shower. In fact after a day of healing sessions always have a shower to flush your own aura clean.

But do keep it simple. You are not having a heart attack or getting bowel cancer or a brain tumour just because you felt it in someone else.

Always remember it is their issue not yours so just give it back to the universe.

Of course you can devise your own convoluted cleansing ritual if you wish. Whatever works for you is right for you.

Smashing… I hope that has cleared that up for you.

Now… it’s a shame you can’t actually smell Garry’s gorgeous Sunday Lunch but believe me it is worth waiting a week for… ha ha ha!

And this week I feel I deserve being spoilt 🙂

So that’s bloomin’ marvellous, chuffin’ grand and champion all rolled into one…ha ha ha!

See you all next week… you can open your eyes now!

Judith 🙂

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