Reiki Reality Creation

Reiki Reality Creation

You create your own Reality – But if you think God, Fate or Destiny won’t allow it so it’s just not going to happen! Reiki reality creation is the answer.

Yes, it’s an awful dichotomy to be caught in isn’t it? And it’s exactly how I used to think too, most of the time.

Sure, there were times when I felt really good and I was certain I was the creator of everything I experienced.

But then some little thing would go ‘wrong’ and I’d find myself spiralling down into that black hole of depression.

That real dark place where everything seemed so utterly impossible.

And then something ‘good’ would happen, which let a chink of light into the darkness.

Everything would feel brighter again… I was becoming invincible again… until the next little knock.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does… don’t worry, this is just proof positive that you are beginning to wake up. Yes, you’ve still got a little ways to go, but your nearly there.

Those peaks and troughs are about to start levelling off…

You’re just a few steps away from a much fuller understanding.

You see, when you look back towards what you were thinking during your ‘up’ moments, you might just remember a few fleeting thoughts along the lines of, “I wonder how long this will last” or maybe “This is just too good to be true”.

And the moment you start to think it – it is.

It becomes the moment of change, and things start spiralling downwards again.

But when you begin to see this, you begin to see that it was still YOU who introduced those thought patterns…

That it wasn’t Fate, it wasn’t Destiny, Karma or God.

It was just you.

It really was just you who created this ‘downturn’ in your reality.

And knowing this, you can begin to fight back.

Now you can watch your thoughts more closely. You can put a more positive spin on them.

For example “This will last for as long as I want it to last” or “This really is good enough to be true”.

Your belief in yourself begins to grow and continues to do so because you can now see the connections. That it was that little bit of wayward thinking which caused things to slip.

You now KNOW that it is YOU creating it all.

So don’t fight the process, because it’s quite natural and normal.

First comes hope…

You ‘hope’ that it’s true – that you ARE the one who creates your reality.

Then comes the tentative belief that it is so…

…and here is where the self doubt can be at its strongest.

You want to believe, but you’re not sure you should. You kinda take it on a – try before you buy – kinda way.

Lot’s of people tell you it’s true of course – but you’re not going to be taken in – not until you get some solid proof.

And that’s exactly what life begins to give you…

Solid, tangible proof!

Only at first you just can’t see it.

The ‘good’ days are really good and the ‘bad’ days are really bad. In fact they’re absolutely black.

There doesn’t seem to be ANY in between – and this is exactly as you want it to be.

For if things weren’t so dramatically black and white, you wouldn’t get to see the cause.

If things were just mediocre and ordinary you wouldn’t have the need to look.

You’d be quite happy to let things continue as they are.

It’s this continual massive surge in ups and downs that lets you see the connections.

To see – that it’s the continual changing balance in your thinking that is so radically affecting your reality.

So, if things are swinging so erratically in your life… Rejoice… for you’re almost there…

It’s the proof you’ve been looking for to change your tentative beliefs into definite knowingness and…

Once you’ve spotted this simple proof you’re on the marvellous road to self mastery, self control and personal power.

Well done you.

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