Reiki Regulations..??!!*


Good mornin’ all…

Do you feel the air of restriction, control and manipulation?

Confused by the maze of do’s and don’ts?

We’ve always spoken of Knowledge giving you the Power to be FREE – free will – but “Have YOU the will to be free”?

Outspoken as I am, this Sunday Chat may still offend you, shock or disturb you, and I make no apologies for that if it helps you to…

Wake Up!

We called ourselves Radical for a reason and that reason is becoming more and more apparent.

With all the regulations and restrictions being forced upon you by others, then sooner or later you’re going to have to make a stand.

And to start the ball rolling, let me ask you this – How on earth can you regulate Reiki when the energy of Reiki is you?

The answer, of course is – By controlling YOU!

So, think about it carefully before you join any ‘official’ Reiki Club… hand over your money and sign your Reiki (life force) energy away to someone else.

And, as you walk proudly out of their door don’t forget how difficult it’s going to be to hang your ‘certificate of obedience’ on the wall when you’ve got their handcuffs on.

For your hands and your special abilities will no longer belong to you and you may not do with them as YOU please.

In their eyes you simply won’t be good enough, bright enough, pure enough or special enough to sense right from wrong, sickness from health or distress in another human being…

…all of that will be up to them!

For in your clumsy attempts to help another you may turn into a Powerhouse of Enthusiasm and create love, light and laughter around you and in the life of others…

Yikes, you might even be successful in your own right – and that, of course, will never do

Sorry, but we simply refuse to play ball.

We still like to use the term ‘alternative medicine’ and not the more ‘orthodox friendly’ term ‘complimentary medicine’.

Why on earth would we want to be part of any therapy which seeks to be ‘complimentary’ to an orthodox system of medicine which poisons, slashes or burns people and calls itself a health service?


At Chikara-Reiki-Do we’d be more inclined to champion The Reiki Mavericks Society

But how many Reiki Mavericks are there in the world?

Not as many as we’d like 🙂 There are far too many ‘Reiki Sheep’ – not that I count them (zzzzz) 🙂

There’s room for both, indeed there can’t be one without the other 🙂

But which are you?

Reiki Mavericks are prepared to make a noise and risk all 🙂

Then again, ‘what you resist persists’.

So perhaps it’s better to simply ‘do nothing and simply be you’. (if allowed to, of course)

Chikara-Reiki-Do is for intelligent people who can think for themselves and are prepared to take responsibility for their own actions.

They ‘know’ them to be the right actions for themselves and all those concerned.

For people who acknowledge their Inner Strength and Power, their Spirit!

Who know they are the only source of Power behind everything in their life.

I don’t need a certificate or permission from anyone else to help another human being that’s in need.

Be that need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, a plate of food, or shelter for the night.

If I feel I can help by sharing my energy, be that money or a healing session, then I’ll share, because that is my nature.

That is my RESPONSE to a situation.

And it’s none of the governments, bureaucrats, Reiki Clubs, Insurance companies, or any other bu**ers business!

I’m a good person with a good heart and I don’t have to constantly prove this by asking someone else to confirm it.

I don’t need someone else to verify who I am to me, or to anyone else.

When I give my word, it is so. 🙂

At Chikara-Reiki-Do we believe you know best for you. We believe in the freedom of choice too.

Becoming a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master gives you lots of choices.

YOUR choices

You can learn to TRUST yourself.

To develop your intuition – and this is really dangerous as it gives you an added edge in any situation

You can also heal yourself, which is very bad for the ‘health industry’.

Have you ever tried to share your insights about yourself with your doctor! 🙂

He’ll make you so afraid of your body you’ll be begging him to mutilate you or chemically poison you ‘just in case’ you might get ill in the next 40 years.

You CAN help others. Yes, YOU CAN HELP OTHERS!

Trust yourself, you can.

We all used to help each other long before they made it almost illegal to even touch someone.

You can join others who are like minded. Well, there’s me, Chris and DC at any rate 🙂

You can stand apart from the sheeple of this world who wander along blindly doing as they’re told and believing it’s all in their best interest…

…until one of them wakes up and smells the mint sauce, of course 🙂

You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for life. (Yes, it’s old, it’s hackneyed, but it’s still true).

We believe we can show you how to fish for yourself.

But, we won’t and don’t ‘do it for you’!

Our method is not some cheap shortcut.

But what price FREEDOM?

What are you prepared to pay for the “right to be yourself” in all aspects of your life?

Are you a healer? Do you want to heal?

Do you want to follow a dream? Do you want your own life?

Just remember – fluffy pink Angel feather handcuffs, are handcuffs none the less

No wonder we’re all physically and mentally ill or suffering.

We intuitively know what would fix us – but we’re even being denied a basic hug from our caring friend or neighbour.

What’s next to go?

A cup of tea and a chat being denied because you’re not a licensed counsellor!

We bury ourselves in a prison of our own making with our own FEARS as the bars.

If I have to stand up alone and shout, “I choose to be who I am and I choose to be me and free,” then I will.


I LOVE myself enough and will not give in or take on board other people’s FEARS and petty restrictions.

You were born with special gifts, skills or talents that are strictly yours.

Unique to you!

Discover them by listening to your heart.

Develop them by listening to your heart.

Share them by opening your heart.

This is the knowledge, power and freedom we talk about!

So, be warned.

If you want to ‘do Reiki’ or anything else in your life by ‘following the instructions enforced upon you by others’ then we’re not for you.

BUT… if you want to step out of fear and restriction and be powerful beyond measure – as is your birth-right…

…then perhaps we can help and support you as you emerge from your chrysalis.

To become the beautiful YOU, you meant yourself to be.

On the surface, we simply show you how to use Chikara-Reiki-Do as a tool, for yourself and in your life.

However, it also opens you up to ‘more’ – much, much more 🙂

But that more, as they say, is totally up to YOU

Bloomin’ marvellous!

Now really have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂




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