Reiki Reversed..?



Good mornin’ all…

Just a quickie this week because June and Ross are visiting 🙂

So: Here’s the question…

“I’d like to ask why some of the various symbols are reversed in other Reiki articles posted on the Internet?

For example the Fire Serpent bottom swirl is counter clockwise, yet other Fire Serpent symbols are clockwise.

Does it make any differences whether it’s counter clock or clockwise?”

Short answer – NO 🙂

Energy is energy but how you intend to use it is the key.

For there to be one thing there has to be the other… Up/down, here/there, etc…

But also remember that within one thing is also contained the other.

It’s simply up to you which variation of the energy you pull on and express.

Some will say that a reverse symbol is the reverse meaning of the energy expressed.

But I disagree… ha ha ha!

Any symbol is just a symbol.

It has no other meaning or power than that which YOU ascribe to it.

The more people who believe in it as symbolising that ‘particular energy’ then the stronger the symbol will appear to be.

Like the sign of the cross or the Nike ‘tick’ 🙂

But don’t believe me! Believe yourself! 🙂

Use all your symbols this way and that. Play with them, stretch them. Use them for everything. Use one at a time for a week and see what YOU feel about each one.

Then you’ll KNOW what each symbol ‘means’ to YOU.


Judith 🙂



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