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The question, printed as received: Relating to Reiki sadness

Q… Is it normal, after attunment i feel so sad, wanna cry, and i look at my self very different. And is it true during doing meditation, something like guest ( another world ) visit us? so scary.. please kindly advice.

thank you

And my answer:

A… Yes, it is ‘normal’ for you, because it’s happening to you.

So, might I suggest you carry on using your Reiki everyday on yourself.

Just be gentle with yourself and simply watch what is happening…

…and don’t judge things.

I would also suggest you don’t watch TV in general, especially the news. Don’t read the newspapers either. Both are enough to scare the pants off someone feeling emotionally fragile!

Sadness is old anger and your tears are dissolving this old anger and helping you release it.

Simply watch – you don’t have to acknowledge and get emotionally involved with what is coming up and out…

Just let it go.

At the moment, all this might make you feel soft and vulnerable and emotionally weak but in truth you will bounce back feeling fresh and ‘new’ inside!

You will feel emotionally cleansed. It leaves you feeling strong and steadfast – true to yourself.

Balanced and serene.

So don’t be afraid of the change that is happening.

As for the spirits around you, well just say ‘thank you’ for being there and supporting you just when you need a bit of extra help.

They are just your unseen friends. 🙂

Like me!

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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