Reiki Self Attunement Doubts



Good mornin’ all…

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt 🙂

Bertrand Russell

Here’s a question…

Q – Have you ever heard of the attunement process ‘messing up’ previous attunements?

I’ve had other attunements and was concerned this might not be as good as them and that a self attunement might cover them up, as it were.

A – As you believe, so will it be 🙂

If you BELIEVE you can, you can, if you believe you can’t, then you can’t.

Or as my mother used to say: ‘There’s no such word as can’t – it’s won’t!’ 🙂

If you TRUST yourself, then your doubts will fade away.

TRUST yourself to KNOW and that KNOWINGNESS will turn into CONFIDENCE 🙂

Funny how you BELIEVE that someone else can give you an attunement and ‘not mess it up’ but that if you’re in control and doing it yourself then you might mess it up!

Have more faith in yourself. 🙂

TRUST yourself and if that means not doing your own self-attunement, then that’s fine too.

I TRUST your judgement and your intuition.

Only do it if it FEELS right for you.

There’s only ONE energy – it is you and you are it.

You are everything and everything is you.

Therefore – You are Reiki and Reiki is you. 🙂

So, there’s nothing to mess up 🙂

There’s no separation, duality, two of anything.

There’s only YOU 🙂

EVERYTHING is a demonstration of the One Energy.

The Reiki ritual of attunement is to awaken you to this fact.

Reiki is a tool to use, demonstrate, and feel this energy both inside you and without.

But YOU are the power! YOU are the energy 🙂

And here’s another question along the same lines…

Q – I’ve done the attunement on 5 occasions and every time I encountered small problems with the sequence.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, therefore I’m never satisfied if the attunement is not 100% perfect.

Today, I had the last 6 minutes wrong so I just rewound these minutes and re-did it.

Is this fine or do I have to do the complete attunement over?

A – Well I never!

Stop right now – just stop it!

Think more along the lines of:

‘Nobody’s perfect – I’m nobody, so I’m perfick!’ 🙂

Stop being so hard on yourself! Being a perfectionist is such a waste of time.

You’re focussing on the finger and not the path it’s pointing you to 🙂

The ritual of attunement (self-done or in person) is to set your intention, to focus your intention – and the result is a new belief about yourself and your capabilities.

And as you believe so you conceive. 🙂

At that moment, in that space you created, to accomplish your own self attunement, you opened yourself up to the belief that there’s more to you – that you are the power, the driving force, the creator of your life experiences.

You FELT it in that moment. 🙂

Suddenly you’re filled with a new confidence in yourself

A new TRUST!

We live in a perfect world already, complete with all the perfect imperfections we could ever want.

So relax and fudge things a little.

Wing it!

Create your life on the fly because you don’t have to CONTROL every little thing that occurs.

Learn to laugh more 🙂

You’ve done your attunement ‘good enough’.

Any mishaps were fine because you set your intention and that was good enough for the universe/you to understand what you meant.

Any little fudges are just YOUR way of making YOUR attunement unique and special to you. 🙂

You are sovereign of your own kingdom – the one of your own making.

Powerful, steadfast and true.

Now TRUST yourself!

Self-doubt or self-confidence?

I know which I’d choose 🙂

Have a great weekend…

Judith 🙂



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