Reiki Sheep Or Shepherd?

Reiki Sheep Or Shepherd?

We do not say becoming a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master is easy… it takes courage, are you a Reiki Sheep Or Shepherd?

It is not always comfortable sitting on the cutting edge, to swim against the tide of thought…

…to change perceptions and shift the paradigm!

To have taken our course, the Ultimate Online Reiki Package, to accept Chikara-Reiki-Do by becoming a Master means you wish to demonstrate your leadership.

For those who question you, for those who doubt you, for those who mock you and put you down, for those times when you may do this to yourself…

Hear this! – I will say it once again.

There is only one energy, you are it and it is you.

You are Reiki and Reiki is you.

Your attunement, no matter how it was performed, is a ritual designed to wake you up to this phenomenon.

And hear this also.

No one, no club, no group, no association, no government, no spirits, no evil demons, no one – can either give you this energy or take it away.

It is yours by the simple act of being alive!

The rituals of Reiki are simply tools to awaken you to this, your natural ability… the vital essence of you.

But YOU are the power…

YOU are the Reiki…

…it can be no other way.

Short and sweet this week – but it needed to be said.

Warm regards as ever


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