Reiki Should Be Free – Why?

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Reiki Should Be Free – Why?

Q… Dear Judith,

I have a question about charging for Reiki healing. I totally feel supported within myself to charging for the service but I am having a really hard time with people questioning me as to why I do charge. People have said that I am wrong to charge a fee for something they think should be free.

I am very confused by this, can you help me?

Love and Light,

And my answer…

A… If you felt really comfortable in yourself about charging for your time and effort and skills, then you would not be drawing these experiences to you 🙂

But here’s another way of looking at it – do those that challenge you make their living by asking their employer for donations… ha ha ha!

Do they ‘work’ for free, out of the goodness of their hearts! With no wages or reward in exchange for all their efforts.

Hmmm, I think not.

So, if they want a Reiki session for free then they can do it themselves. But you can charge to show them how…ha ha ha!

Look, everything we need in life is technically free. The sun that warms us, the water that falls from the sky and the food that grows in the ground or wanders around on four legs.

But we all use money in this society, so tell these moaners to grow up and go away!

Just let them go… You will not win with them. Simply send them somewhere else.

And remember… What they think, is totally irrelevant! It’s what YOU think that counts. 🙂

If they want free then fine… they can go and source a free session somewhere else… preferably a long way from you 🙂

There is a saying…

“God helps those who help themselves”… they are simply beggars unwilling to lift a finger to help themselves.

Now, read this and smile…

In Buddhism there’s an old story about a young Zen monk who walked from village to village trying to freely share his teachings with all who would listen. Ah, that was the ‘rub’: nobody would listen. (I mean, if it was “free”, something must be ‘wrong’ with it, right!?!)

He felt so sad, he went down to the banks of a nearby river, determined to throw himself in and drown. While there, he noticed an old man who had set up a small shack and was selling jars of “fresh water” to a very long line of customers. Fascinated, he watched the goings on until the last customer left, quite late that night. Our young monk then approached the owner and asked how he could do what he was doing (i.e. selling water that could easily be had for free) with a clear conscience!

The old man smiled and sat down, motioning the ardent young monk to do the same. In a quiet voice, the old man told the monk, “I, too, am a monk. I know that everyone is already a Buddha inside. They don’t need to study, or sacrifice, or suffer… they need only look inside themselves, see who they really are, then live that way. But people don’t want something for nothing; they place a value on all that they have, do and are.

So, as teachers of the Way, we design many obstacles for them to overcome… in order for them to realize one day that they are already a Buddha. Now you, too, have seen that people pass by this river every day, ignoring the free flowing water that is already theirs for the taking. Yet, each morning when I open my door, I have a long line of customers waiting to buy the river water that I have just then placed in jars! They value only that which they must work hard, or pay dearly, to attain!

From then on the now enlightened young monk held himself slightly aloof, and told would-be disciples that his teachings were much too difficult for them to follow, let alone understand! And from that day forward, he had crowds of rich benefactors following him about… all eager to pay for what was already theirs!

So, dear friend I will keep ‘selling water by the river’. Those who “know” will understand; those who don’t know will still benefit.

Be proud of who you are!

Chuffin’ grand!

Judith 🙂

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