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Reiki Silence

I have a saying which I often give to people:

“If you want to know the answer – don’t ask the question”.

As soon as we engage the mind it starts chattering away whether we are interested or not and more often than not it goes off on a completely different tangent to the one we originally wanted to follow.

So don’t engage. Don’t ask the question. Sit in silence with Reiki

If you ask a question then there are two ways of looking at the problem.

Either backwards, to see what you did before in a similar situation or by speculating forwards to what might happen ‘if’ such and such takes place, blah, blah…

So we look back or front – past or future.

But, what about the NOW?

Simply don’t ask the question and the answer will be right there in front of you, NOW. 🙂

Unless you like a dialogue that sounds like a party political broadcast… ha ha ha!

Before, they do the ‘what if”s and after, they do the ‘if only’s.’

I suggest you do neither.

Be still, be silent, be your Reiki and be in the NOW.

Simply watch yourself.

Your body is always in the NOW.

Watch your body.

Watch your mind chatter but don’t engage.

Watch your surroundings.

Become more observant, more aware, more steadfast in yourself.

Listen rather than talk.

Look rather than glance.

Stand back, yet be right here 🙂

If you give yourself a simple Reiki session each morning it will bring you into that quiet space and hold you there.

I have said it so many times 🙂

If you want to change your immediate world and the world beyond, then first it STARTS WITH YOU.

Never mind healing or changing or altering the course of someone else’s life until you can embrace and dance with joy in your own life.

Dance with joy to your own rhythm!

Then others will be drawn to join in with your dance – and so the river gathers momentum 🙂

I am still sitting in silence after infusing myself with Reiki charged water each morning at 6am UK time.

I am expanding my heart energy so I can radiate that out during my day to everything and anything around me.

I like to think that a lot of you are also joining in with me.

Now, more than ever, we all need to pull together and join together.

Personal Power – then People Power!

Next I want to talk about why Reiki is so important in today’s climate of change but first I must get the potatoes in to
roast… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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