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Reiki Specifics

You know the Eskimos are said to have around 200 words to describe snow – well here in the UK we’re fast developing around that many to describe rain…

A well known one being ‘stair rodding!’ and another very, very popular one being *!^&#~@!!! rain… ha ha ha!

Ho hum πŸ™

Let’s move on to this week’s question:

Q… Tomorrow a woman comes for a Reiki treatment who has had pancreas cancer.

She is totally free but she keeps having pain on her left side/back. She also keeps losing weight.

What do you suggest?

Where do I look at?

And my answer:

A… It doesn’t matter whether you give Reiki to yourself or to another.

Always remember – “never treat the condition”…

Simply share your Reiki energy and then trust the outcome will be for everyone’s highest good.

Now, unfortunately, not many people recover from pancreatic cancer, as a general rule.

But then we are not general people πŸ™‚

Simply Trust and KNOW intuitively that you have made the right kind of difference in her life.

Talking of making a difference, it’s roast turkey for lunch today πŸ™‚

Until next week…

Judith πŸ™‚

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