Reiki Symbols And Their Meanings

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Reiki Symbols And Their Meanings

Q… After reading the self attunement get ready guide, I am getting the idea that the sacred symbols do not have to be used at all.

I get the idea that I can associate any symbol that I choose, to the frequency of Reiki intended for use, as they are there to keep the mind focused on the frequency desired.

A… Your idea is true, but then it would mean you are not a Usui Reiki Master, Tibetan Reiki Master, or any other known Reiki Master.

You would be the first, as it were, ‘Mr Smith’ type Reiki Master…

But I would suggest you do Reiki our way first, and then, adapt the method for your own symbols.

For when you create your own symbols and meanings and then link them to Reiki, you will have created ‘YOUR’ Reiki symbols and ‘YOUR’ form of Reiki. 🙂

But just remember, the more a symbol is associated with something, by more and more people, the more ‘powerful’ it becomes.

In themselves though, the symbols are just that… symbols.

They have NO meaning other than that which we give them.

And the more people who give the same meaning to a certain symbol, the stronger and more potent that symbol becomes.

Think of the swastica or the cross, for example.

Thousands upon thousands of people around the world, all know and give a certain meaning to certain Reiki symbols 🙂

So why re-invent the wheel as they say? 🙂

Q… I would like to suggest letting everyone choose symbols themselves.

Ones that have meaning to them or that are easier to remember, and for those who think using sacred symbols would be against their religious beliefs.

A… Then why bother to do a Usui Reiki course or any kind of Reiki course at all?

Surely it would be better to just do your own thing from the outset?

All we suggest is if you want to ‘do Reiki’ then first ‘do Reiki’…

Then go forth and do your own thing with confidence and at least a semblance of knowledge and a background of experience in the real thing 🙂

Judith 🙂

Definitions of the names of the Reiki symbols

They do not all have a translation into English as some are just a literal symbol and not a word.

Power Symbol…

Cho…curving, cutting sword,drawing the curved line.
Ku…penatrating to create a hole,or holes, creating an access way.
Rei…transcendental spirit ,mysterious power,essence, universal spirit (Reiki).

The driver or magnifier of energy.

Mental/emotional Symbol…

Sei…a condition of budding,things hidden internally, the origin of an external form.
He…root or base chakra.
KI…to balance those things hidden, those things that may be out of balance internally.

I have the key, God and humanity becoming one,as above so below.

Distance Symbol…

Ze…advancing,evolving,on the correct path.
Sho…target/objective,honest being,sage,integrity.
Nen…stillness,thinking in the deep part of the mind.

The shimmering essence that is in me connects with the integrity of the objective in the deepest stillness, or the spirit in me honours the spirit in you, or namaste.

Tibetan Master Symbol…

Negativity blaster, it is a symbol not a word.

Usui Master Symbol…

Treasure house of the great beaming light, Great Being of the Universe shine on me,be my friend or Praise be to the great Universal Light of transcendental wisdom.

Raku Symbol…

The harmonizer, it is a symbol not a word. Sometimes referred to by 2 other names The Fire Dragon or Serpent of Fire.

We like to keep things simple so I would suggest you just name each symbol for what is does… power, distance, balance, etc… much easier!!

Don’t let it confuse you. 🙂

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