Reiki symbols for overall well-being

Reiki symbols for overall well-being

Q… How can one use the Reiki symbols for overall well-being for the body, mind and soul and a person’s environment?

And my answer…

A… Each day do a Reiki self treatment using the 12 hand positions.

Draw out one symbol over all your chakras to ‘open yourself up’ and see how each symbol feels to you. Then simply mix and match by listening to which symbol feels right at that moment for you.

Using Reiki on yourself, for yourself – continually – will always be the best way to remain steadfast and true, serene and balanced.

Using Reiki regularly on yourself, for yourself, brings your mind, body and spirit into natural harmony, thereby creating that feeling of well being and inner glowing.

Then, using a smudge stick or incense smoke, use the Reiki symbols to bless the environment by drawing them out with the smoke and pushing or blowing or wafting them into the walls, floor, ceiling etc.

You can just draw them out into the air but I find ‘seeing’ them created in the smoke and then physically wafting them where you want them to go is more potent.

Not always practical mind!

Don’t forget to do outside of the house too… you can even walk the symbols out across your lawn or patio.

The same way as for space clearing… and there is a previous article that explains this on our website.

Plant your flowers out like the symbols.

Create a symbol maze 🙂

There is plenty of room for experimenting and simply by using your own imagination 🙂

And another very short one…

Q… How do I Reiki my beautiful cat so that she also gets such a beautiful treatment or when she falls sick?

A… Cats generally adore Reiki and will be all over you like treacle 🙂

Simply allow her to sit on your lap and stroke her, intending that the Reiki energy suffuses her. Then let your hands come to a rest, gently on her and intend that the Reiki energy fills her.

She will definitely let you know when she wants some or when she has had enough… just like dogs and children do.

Mr Po, our very own luck black cat, was definitely a testimony to the effectiveness of Reiki and it has helped him many times, including this time of his passing and beyond…

Time for a celebratory farewell Sunday lunch and some of those yummy chocolate mice…

Judith 🙂

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