Reiki Symbols Or No Reiki Symbols

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Reiki Symbols Or No Reiki Symbols

Q… I understand from several sources, including your site, that ideally, we as Reiki Masters strive to get to a point where the symbols are no longer necessary.

A point where we feel the energy without using the symbols.

I feel I can do this, but my mind tells me, “Oh you won’t be totally ‘plugged in’ unless you draw out the symbols” – like it’s hard to undo programming.

And, if this is the case, how come usual practice is to start with Reiki 1, where no symbols are used?

It’s like it’s all back to front, if you see what I mean. Sometimes I feel the symbols actually ‘get in the way’ of the energy.

And my answer…

A… Let’s think of taking Reiki 1 as buying your first didgeridoo 🙂

Bit of a stretch but just bear with me…ha ha ha!

It’s exciting and you understand what you need to do but it’s not that easy…simple yes, but easy no…ha ha ha!

So the first thing you need to learn is how to make a noise by blowing or some might say breathing, through the didgeridoo.

No musical notes, no symbols, just enthusiasm and patience…

And, slowly, slowly as you blow down your didgeridoo you begin to ‘sense’ a sound and feel the vibration in you physically.

But perhaps the sound and vibration are a bit hit and miss and also may not be so pleasant on the ear… ha ha ha!

Well, it’s the same with level 1 Reiki…

Results can be excellent one minute and gone the next!

Now, when you learn some ‘breathing techniques’ for the didgeridoo or Reiki symbols for your Reiki…

…you have a point of reference and focus.

Now you know what the vibration is supposed to sound or feel like and what it is for, in a general way.

The breathing technique or symbols, act like a tuning fork, if you like.

Then all you need to do is practice, practice, practice, until the vibrations or sounds become second nature to you.

Once you have learned circular breathing you can’t ‘unlearn’ it.

It becomes a way of bonding, blending, immersing yourself into your instrument.

Once you have ingrained the Reiki symbols within you, you can focus your energy without drawing out the symbols or chanting their names… you simply intend and it is so 🙂

It’s as if each vibration of the Reiki symbols is known to you by your mind, body and spirit. 🙂

Just as, when you’ve learnt music and the symbolic notes, you can then go on to ‘write down’ your own unique music.

And it’s exactly the same with Reiki…

Learn the structure and the form off by heart and then allow whatever happens to happen naturally 🙂

Perfick 🙂

Judith 🙂

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