Reiki Symbols when Self Healing

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Reiki Symbols when Self Healing

Q… What signs do you put into your hands when self healing?

A… Use any symbol that ‘springs to your mind’ at that moment…

Because, every time you do a self-healing YOU will be different…

…just as each day is a new day.

You can use each of the symbols for a few days and ‘feel’ which one suits you best just now.

Because each time you do a session YOU will be different too.

So, trust what you feel drawn to use… it will be perfect for that moment.

Q… Do you imagine the Reiki energy coming down from the crown of your head through your arms into your hands?

A… Not really, for Reiki comes from within not without, but…

…if you wish, you can visualise it that way or you can ‘see’ your Reiki energy ‘performing’ any way that sparks YOUR imagination…

…and then guide it with your intention or simply let it flow and you will feel a warm glow everywhere 🙂

Q… My puzzle is, if the energy comes down that way, it is already in your body, why does it have to go through your hands?

A… Well, as I’ve just mentioned, that’s not where your Reiki comes from…

So, for you, it’ll now work better knowing your Reiki radiates out from within – and it really doesn’t have to radiate out just through your hands either…

Imagine there are no boundaries or barriers. Simply lose your boundaries and blend with the whole… which is more the way I like to do it… ha ha ha!

See your energies blending together like wisps of coloured smoke or musical notes making up a cord. Mingle them altogether 🙂

Simply practice with your Reiki EVERYDAY and find the right way for YOU to sense your energy and then you can really play with it.

Remember… if it works for you, it is right for you 🙂

Just like chocolate… great if you like it but there is always cake if you don’t… ha ha ha!

Life is perfick like that, chuffin’ grand…

Judith 🙂

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