Reiki Talent?


Good morning all!

Let’s start with challenges!

Sometimes you have to ask yourselves ‘why’ you’re bringing these challenging experiences to yourself.

And the conclusion we’ve come to, is that it’s time to stand up for ourselves!!!

You see, most people see Reiki as a ‘hands on healing therapy’ done by very nice people 🙂

Some might even call the Reiki therapist a healer 🙂

And healers by nature are touchy-feely people 🙂

They love to rub it better, like Mum used to do.

They love to hug folks better and keep them safe, like Mum used to do.

They love, protect and care for you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

When you’re weak and sick, either emotionally or physically.

BUT, in steps big brother – and now you have to have certificates galore to prove you’re a healer!

In fact, in some places, YOU can’t even say you’re a healing sort of a person!

In America you have to become a Reverend to be allowed to touch someone!

That’s very strange – as it’s tantamount to saying it’s okay to become a fake minister and touch people, but YOU can’t touch another human being, with compassion, without a stranger’s permission and a certificate!

As if all these pieces of paper prove anything…

Every single day, in a myriad of small ways, you give away your power to someone else.

You’re constantly told that someone else – who doesn’t know you from Adam, or the circumstances – knows what’s best for you and those concerned???

Well, call me old fashioned 🙂

But in the past you got the reputation for healing, by healing people, and the word spread around 🙂

Often the healer had no paper qualifications but did have a natural TALENT to make you feel better. 🙂

Just like the man who loves to fix cars or the gardener who truly has green fingers.

Your TALENT is yours and you either have it or you don’t.

Either you can sing or you wail.

Either you can read Einstein’s equations or simply add up the basics!

Either you’re a healer or you’re better at something else 🙂

We can all heal, just like any Mum can, but those who have a bigger, more powerful ability should be allowed to do what they are drawn to do.

That’s why they have the TALENT in the first place.

They help others in distress, mentally or physically because that’s the essence of their nature.

My hands are the ‘tools of my trade’.

No-one can take them from me or tell me what I can or can’t do with them!

My words are also the ‘tools of my trade’ and I do believe in freedom of speech 🙂

I have the human right to say what I like 🙂

If I, or anyone else, offends you, then move away.

And YOU have the same rights too 🙂

Speak up for yourself.

Follow your heart! 🙂

YOU KNOW what your natural talent is – so USE IT! 🙂

It’s difficult enough to create health and happiness when you have to eat chemicals, breathe pollutants and kill each other on command.

Maybe the Witchfinder General is not dead – HE’S BEHIND YOU!

To me, The Warrior is the other side of the Healer.

Embrace your Warrior Spirit and become a powerful, steadfast, and genuine healer 🙂

I wrote this for Jim-san many years ago, a Vietnam vet with a warrior heart 🙂

For I am Samurai…

My body, holds all memory both personal and collective…

For we are one and the same…

To deny one, is to deny the other.

The fire in my spirit comes from the courage of the Warrior.

The power of my action is driven by the fearlessness of the Warrior.

The compassion of my heart comes from the peace giving Warrior.

The depth of my understanding comes from the knowing of the Warrior.

The joy of my life comes from the sorrow of the Warrior.

The LOVE in my life comes from the pain of the Warrior.

For I am Samurai – For I am the HEALER.

I love, whole heartedly, the spirit that is my Warrior.

I honour, without question, the spirit that is my Warrior.

I respect, beyond doubt, the spirit that is my Warrior.

For I am Samurai – For I am the Healer.


So, find your Samurai and find your peace within…

Find your Samurai and find your balance…

For you are Samurai – For you are Healers.

With deep love and affection for all you Warrior – Healer spirits.

Have a positive, powerful, perfick weekend…

Judith 🙂


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