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So, at long last – you’re proud to say… “I’m a Reiki Therapist you know!”

And, it sounds really good to say that, doesn’t it – and well done you for becoming one, by the way…

But now…

What are you going to do with this new talent?

“Well, I’m off to heal the world and everything in it, you might say!”

And, that sounds like an excellent idea… BUT, how are you actually going to set about doing this?

Have you given it any thought yet?

You see, it’s all well and good going through your Reiki attunements and becoming a Reiki therapist, but have you actually done a professional healing session yet?

And by professional, I mean for a client who’s going to actually pay you?

Yes, you may have practiced on friends and family etc. but it’s a totally different affair when you’re ‘doing it for real’.

Because when you’re ‘doing it for real’, your client expects a certain kind of professional approach.

They’ll expect you to have a ‘proper’ space, set up in a professional way and to feel that you’re confident and competent.

So, have you thought about:

where are you going to be doing your healing of the world and everything in it?

Is it going to be in a spare room in your house? Would you like to rent a room in an already established alternative healing centre..?

Or would you prefer to go the whole hog and open up your very own Reiki healing Centre?

Either way, you have to know how to set up that professional healing room, or, if you’re going the whole hog, you have to know how to create the perfect healing centre!

You have to know…

What to have in it? How to arrange it? How to organise it? etc.

And, how to market yourself, so you get those clients coming through your door…

And, of course, how to actually carry out an effective Reiki healing session!

Should it last an hour? Should it be half an hour?

Which bits should you treat? Exactly where is it you put your hands anyway and how long do you leave them there?

Should you talk to them? What if they fall asleep? Should you play music..?

Should your client be lying down…

…and if so what should they be lying on? Is it best to have them sitting down… etc. etc. etc.

And these are just a few of the questions you now have to ask of yourself and then, of course, successfully answer as well.

It can be an overwhelming experience to go through when just starting out, and it’s the point where many aspiring Reiki therapists give up – just because they don’t know what to do.

And that really is a great shame.

But don’t worry because I can help you.

My name’s Judith Conroy, founder of Chikara-Reiki-Do…

And, because I’ve worked as a professional Reiki therapist and also had my own successful healing centre too…

I’ve got all the ‘know-how’ you need, for becoming the most professional Reiki therapist you could ever imagine being, and…

…I’ve taken all this ‘know-how’ and poured it into my brand new ‘Reiki Therapists Multi-Media Handbook’…

So now, you can discover all the answers to all the questions I’ve asked you today, plus many, many more we haven’t even touched on.

And, did you notice I called it a multi-media handbook?

Well, the best thing about it being multi-media is that…

I don’t just write about how to do a healing session, I’ve actually created a video showing you how to do one.

You see, it’s all well and good looking at static pictures of where to place your hands during a healing session – but it’s much easier if you can see how you actually move smoothly from one position to the next…

And what is the next position good for anyway?

Well, by using video you can watch as I smoothly transition my hands through all 12 of the traditional hand positions of Reiki, and actually listen as I fully describe what each new position is good for treating too.

And by combining looking and listening together, everything becomes more firmly anchored in your memory, making everything a breeze to remember.

Of course, as it’s a video, you can also watch it over and over again, which helps even more.

And what about doing a Reiki scanning? You’ve probably heard of it, but what is it and how do you do one?

I’ve created another video which shows you exactly what to do, exactly what you’ll be feeling when you’re doing one and what it all means…

…adding another string to your bow, as a truly professional Reiki therapist!

Then there’s music to help your client relax – and getting your client to relax is very important.

Well, I don’t just suggest what kind of music to play – I actually give you the tracks I like to play myself – and I’ve had them embedded with discreet little sounds, at five-minute intervals…

So you know exactly when to move your hands to the next position when doing a full, one hour Reiki healing session.

I also had the music produced with the discreet little sounds set at three-minute intervals, so you could do shorter healing sessions of just over half an hour…

And as you’ll also need to replenish yourself, when you get busy, I’ve had the music produced with the little sounds set at one-minute intervals…

…now can give yourself a quick 12 minute Reiki ‘pick-me-up’ whenever you need it, and you will need it quite often I can tell you!

I think every Reiki therapist should do this pick me up frequently.

Oh yes, nearly forgot.

I’ve also produced a lovely little video with some very important tips about going mobile with your professional Reiki therapy – and how you can get going on an absolute shoestring, even if you don’t have a massage table or even a car.

It’s a smashing little video, and I think you’ll really enjoy it, as it shows you, you can get going as early as tomorrow as a professional Reiki Therapist.

Okay, there we are then, that’s the ‘Reiki Therapists Multi-Media Handbook’ in a nutshell…

And I don’t think there’s a more complete Reiki Therapists Multi-Media Handbook available anywhere else.

Yes, I hear you…

How much is it?

Well, I’m not going to beat about the bush.

You can get the whole kit and caboodle for just $74.95

And you can get it right away too…

…because, everything is ready and waiting for you online right now!

So, you won’t have the inconvenience of waiting for the ol’ snail mail, postal service to deliver anything to you.


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What Others Are Saying About The Package

“They really are great”

I bought the Reiki Therapists Multimedia Handbook and it is fantastic.

I’ve used the MP3s for myself (the one-minute version) and a client (the five-minute version). They really are great.

Probably the best bit is that the chimes (gongs) are not noticeable by the client at all, but really helpful to the practitioner.

The videos are good, too – especially the seated version… I’d never thought of doing it that way!

Ian Neal

“I’m inspired much more to use Reiki”

I purchased the Reiki Therapists Multimedia Handbook. It is great.

Everything you have put together is great and I am inspired so much more to use Reiki in everything I do because of all the information you give in your courses.

Deborah McPherson


Oh, Judith, I just purchased my Reiki Therapists Multimedia Handbook last night…

…and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it so much!

Cole Ynda

Get instant access to the
Reiki Therapists Multimedia Handbook for just $74.95

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Note: the Reiki Therapists Multimedia Handbook is an online course. After your payment you gain immediate access.