Reiki Thinking – How Are You Thinking Today… ? Part 2

Reiki Thinking – How Are You Thinking Today… ? Part 2

Okay, okay – so we didn’t go deep enough with the subject of thought in our previous article

…or at least that’s what we ‘think’ some of you said – or was it just something you were ‘thinking’..? 🙂

Perhaps it’s a little of both, so let’s take a slightly deeper look right now.

Okay then…

We all know about our conscious minds and our subconscious minds don’t we? They’re the ones that come most readily to ‘mind’ when we ‘think’ about this topic.

So let’s take a look at the major difference between them?


Well, we think it’s extremely important for you to know that your subconscious mind works in very much the same way as the hard drive of your computer…

It doesn’t ‘reason’ or try to ‘work things out’ – it just automatically carries out the programs installed on it.

And it’s this subconscious programming that’s silently running your life right now.

What does this mean to you?

Well, if you’ve been struggling with anything in your life – let’s say for instance wealth creation…

…it’s not really the fault of your conscious self – which is the part of you that you generally think of as being YOU – if you keep falling short of your dreams.

It’s the fault of your subconscious mind and what’s been programmed into it.

In other words – if you were constantly being told as a child that you’ll never have any money when you grow up – your subconscious mind, having accepted this as a ‘truth’, will work tirelessly to ensure that you never do.

But, isn’t that truly wonderful news? It means that…

Now that you know it’s not your fault, you can wholeheartedly begin forgiving yourself for never reaching your goals…

…and set about rewriting the faulty programming to one of success.

So, how can we do this with Reiki?

Well, first of all we have to find out what it was that was said to you in the first place.


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