At least the rain has stopped for a moment so now it has gone humid and the flies just love it… ha ha ha!!!

If it stays dry we may be able to trim back some more of the trees which are growing rapidly over the driveway like a tunnel.

DC and I look very fetching in balaclava hats to stop the flies buzzing in your ears and biting your head…

So anyone coming down the drive would think it a terrorist training camp except my gardening gloves are pink, of course.

Now the news you have all been waiting for… well, we have, at least…

We now have the Coach House in Eyemouth… yippee!!!

And all being well we’ll move on the 14th August, or if we are lucky, a little before then.

Lot’s of positive energy from you, towards the 28-29th July would be excellent for us

Not that we are not happy to go with the flow, of course, we’d just like to flow it a little quicker… ha ha ha!!!

Okay, so here we are, finding ourselves in the most familiar situation once more of being surrounded by boxes and disarray.

Revealing perhaps – I am not the tidy organised person I like to think I am?

Maybe secretly I am a box lady rather than a bag lady… ha ha ha!!!

Who needs furniture eh? … just pop it in a box instead.

Easy to sit on and eat off too… ha ha ha!!!

But I do feel a little impatient now for the actual move…

Which brings me nicely to the title listed above…

Usui asks us to do and be “Just for today…”

And all the Sages that ever were, have said “Live in the Now” (very sage advice)…

So I have my dreams hopes and aspirations but each one of those is made up of the little things done in the Eternal Now.

Just for today…

Absolutely what I do today builds a solid foundation for my tomorrow.

But I have to be here, right now, to affect that

Just for today do not worry…

As my outer life becomes more loose and fluid I find sitting and running the Reiki energy, just for me, helps to stabilize my thoughts and grounds my feelings.

If I am to be true to myself I need to know myself in each moment.

Just for today honour all living things… yourself included.

I need to be here in the now and so do you, and the easiest and quickest way to do that is to withdraw and listen to your very physical body.

For your body is constantly dealing with your ‘Now’ both internally and externally.

So to stop my thinking running away with itself and me becoming a split person, here in body but not in my mind, I have to take time to blend both aspects of myself.

For I am not one or the other, I am both at the same time.

So while I feel a little in limbo twix here and there…

While I feel one adventure is finishing and the next has yet to begin…

I find myself in the perfect ‘Now’ place.

Neither here nor there but everywhere… ha ha ha!!!

And it feels good, very good.

All my senses are heightened, awareness’s sharpened, my body like a poised cat…

I don’t want to miss a moment of the time left here at heaven on the hilltop by ‘being elsewhere’ in my mind.

The day of the move will come of it’s own accord.

(The sooner the better… oops, there I go again!!!)

But we have literally been smelling the roses here. We have some beautiful pink ones growing up to the kitchen window and some perfect ‘Rose’ smelling ones in the garden.

It is long time since I have smelt real roses as most seem to have no scent at all nowadays.

Okay, so all I am suggesting is that if you find your outer life is changing and shifting… great.

It really is OK…

Just find your stillness and completeness by sitting for a moment at your desk, table, on the train, bus or at the traffic lights and simply run a little Reiki energy through your heart and solar plexus chakra.

You will be amazed at how quickly you reconnect.

Not with ‘out there’ but ‘in here’.

Which is the ‘out there’ and the ‘in here’ together… ha ha ha!!!

Try it, you’ll soon see what I mean.

For NOW though I must get ready for Sunday Lunch at Geoff’s.

That is something I definitely don’t want to miss.

Chuffin grand lads and lass’s…


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